How the Abraham Accords Got the Middle Finger at Qatar World Cup

In 2010, when Qatar was awarded the right to host the 2022 World Cup tournament the Gulf kingdom became the focus of a disparaging campaign. Qatar was accused of mistreating migrant workers engaged to build World Cup projects. The campaign against Qatar as host nation involved Britain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. […]

Qatar warns EU of consequences amid graft probe

RT | December 19, 2022 The European Parliament’s decision to suspend Qatar-linked legislation and deny the country’s officials access to the legislature could negatively affect gas supplies to EU member states, Doha has announced. The bloc’s move comes amid a Belgian probe into alleged graft by MEPs that may have involved Qatar. The parliament’s decision […]

Morocco’s FIFA World Cup Victories Defeat Israeli Normalization Efforts

Last Saturday, Morocco’s national football team defeated Portugal in the FIFA World Cup, resulting in celebrations throughout the Arab World. One of those celebrations took place in Jerusalem, where Palestinians hoisting up the Moroccan flag were dispersed and attacked by Israeli occupying police forces. Morocco has been the star of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Read More...

Turkish and Egyptian leaders meet at the World Cup in Qatar

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Football diplomacy brought Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan together in Doha for the opening of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Years of tension between the two were broken with a friendly handshake. The big differences between the two large countries centered on Erdogan’s […]

Headscarf Requirement, Discrimination Against Homosexuals, and Construction Worker Accidents in Qatar Overshadow an Insane Big Lie Aimed at Starting Another World War

The European Woke International of Hypocrisy and Neo-Colonialism looks past the incendiary escalation of the Ukraine conflict, preferring instead to spoil the beautiful game for hundreds of millions of soccer fans in Arab and developing countries. Anyone who thought the media would take an in-depth look at the current and most dangerous lie in many […]

The World Cup Thankfully Keeps Politics in Football

With global attention focused on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, there are the usual bleatings about politics being entangled with sport. Qatar being a country with no previous football tradition, these are being magnified beyond the usual levels. Selling out to big business! Ignoring Qatar’s human rights record! Preventing fans drinking! LBGT and migrant […]

Qatar in the grip of Washington

Washington’s defense of its unipolar world is becoming increasingly difficult for the White House, and it is accompanied by growing opposition from Russia, China and an increasing number of supporters of a multipolar world order. Under these circumstances, Washington is desperately trying to demonstrate what little still remains of its influence on the suppression of […]

Sports announcer Bob Rathvun starts convulsing on TV; and other videos of collapse, or sudden death, from Puerto Rico, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, and Ecuador, with FIVE from India

by Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground: People all over the world have joined this death train launched by “COVID vaccination” United States Sports announcer Bob Rathbun goes into convulsions on TV (due to “dehydration”): TRUTH LIVES on at Atlanta Hawks Announcer Bob Rathbun Suffers Scary Medical Emergency On-Air, Is Now ‘Stable’ December 6, 2022 […]

On “Hate” and Love at the World Cup: Palestine Is More Than an Arab Cause

The fact that Arab football fans in Qatar have spontaneously chosen, without any official instructions or government intervention, to use the Palestinian flag as their symbol of unity speaks volumes about Palestine’s position in the collective Arab consciousness.
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