In Minnesota, The GOP Is Running On Bigotry And Against Masks And Wayfair

 Minnesota is closing in on 100,000 COVID cases and will get there before election day. Despite a significant and ongoing investment in the state by the Trump campaign, the margin between Trump and Biden continues to grow-- against Trump. The Real Cleat Politics polling average shows Biden up 10.2%-- 51.6% to 41.4%, which has got to be a big letdown for Trump since Hillary barely beat him in 2016-- 1,367,716 (46.44%) to 1,322,951 (44.92%).

Trump's Q-Anon Candidate In Georgia Threatens And Incites Gun Violence Against AOC, Ilhan And Rashida

Trump's top Q-Anon candidate, Marjorie Taylor Greene-- who is guaranteed a seat in one of America's most backward districts, the one where they opened the schools where you saw all the crowded hallways... and then shut the schools down again when dozens of people came down with COVID-19. That's GA-14, the northwest corner of the state, where Trump beat Hillary 75.0% to 22.1% and where GOP extremist Tom Graves was reelected in 2018 with 76.5%.

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by NoahYep. As the meme says, he really did say that and, of course, the 2020 Republican Death Cult Con-Vention is upon us and we're already hearing much more of the same. Along with their usual NAZI words and Third Reich symblism, we can expect to hear little else from such a collection of grifters, con artists, and white supremacy goons. Here's the prelude to the uber fear-mongering quote in tonight's meme:

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah Sunday Thoughts:Yeah, Rick Wiles, but what's YOUR excuse? What made you so inhuman? What altered your DNA? Or, were you just born that way? Did your god play a little trick on you? Is it just a lifestyle choice that you made? For decades, I've always noted that republicans always need someone or some group to hate or at least use for stoking fear to motivate their voters.

Trump Has Also Triggered A Mass Mental Breakdown-- An Economic Meltdown Will Only Make It Worse

If you're a regular DWT reader, you probably wonder, at least some of the time, how prevelent is mental illness among Trump supporters. Most people think rabid Trumpists are just stupid, but there is a big difference between mental illness and low IQs. Yesterday, USA Today published a report by Kelly Tyko about the Arizona woman, Melissa Rein Lively, who, earlier this month filmed herself tearing down a mask display at a Target in Scottsdale.

On Tuesday, Colorado Republicans Saddled Themselves With A Congressional Candidate Who Is An Outspoken Sociopath, Giving The DCCC AN Unexpected Opportunity To Flip A Red-Leaning District

Diane Mitsch Bush (D)The Democrats lost Colorado's 6th district in the 2010 anti-blue wave. It was a Blue Dog-extinction election and Blue Dog John Salazar lost the seat to conservative state Rep. Scott Tipton, who he had beaten a few years earlier. The 6th makes up almost half a the state-- the whole western part of Colorado and most of the southern part.