The Insanity that Rules The West

Eric Zuesse On May 30th, Newsweek headlined “Russia ‘On Course’ for NATO Conflict, Commander Says”, and reported that Karel Rehka, the Commander of Chechia’s Armed Forces, said that, “We view war between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance as the worst-case scenario, but it is not impossible,” Rehka said. “It is possible.” Russia, the commander […]

U.S. Government Hopes Netanyahu Will Broker Ukraine War’s Settlement

Eric Zuesse In an interview by Aaron David Miller of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, speaking with Victoria Nuland, the head of America’s policies for Ukraine and against Vladimir Putin (whom she said the U.S. aims to be overthrown by a revolution in Russia), Nuland concurred with her interviewer, that the Prime Minister of […]

John Varoli: Unrepentant Bully: NATO uses WWII Victory Day to amp up war fervor [Video]

This is a direct reprint from John Varoli’s Substack. Worthwhile reading. While Moscow celebrated the 78th anniversary of Victory over Nazism, a hostile Western bloc again agitated for Russia’s destruction. This will only intensify Russian resistance. NATO ideologues no longer hide their desire to destroy Russia. This week in the British newspaper The Guardian, just […]

U.S.-Backed Closure of Pro-Russian TV Channels Was “Last Straw” for Putin

According to a new report, Zelensky's decision to ban three pro-Russian TV channels was the "last straw" for Putin. Yet an advisor to Zelensky previously said the move was "calculated to fit in with the U.S. agenda".
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39 questions about the war in Ukraine

Riley Waggaman Igor Strelkov’s Angry Patriots Club (КРП) has published a list of questions about Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. Most of their questions are highly pertinent; some of them are a bit superfluous; a few—in your correspondent’s humble opinion—are misguided and a bit silly. But we decided to publish them all in hopes of starting …