An example of a pure anti-Russian propaganda “cheap shot” [Video]

The present Russian invasion, a.k.a. “special military operation” of Ukraine has gotten a lot of bad press. It has also gotten a little good press. But for many Yahoo! News readers this event of February 24, 2022 may have seemed like “business as usual.” That is because Yahoo! News has related Russia invading Ukraine in […]

Putin’s Munich speech should have been heeded by the West [Video]

Today’s “new” news in Russia is the commentary about how the West did not heed President Vladimir Putin’s speech in 2007 in Munich. Izvestia reported today, May 14th, that The Hill an American political news website, notes very specifically that the West appears not to have heeded President Vladimir Putin’s speech in 2007, and instead, ignored his […]

Scenes from the Victory Day celebration in Moscow [Video]

This year’s Victory Day Parade was unusually beautiful and poignant. There seemed to be signs that Russia is edging closer to a return to the Imperial days. More about this in a coming piece. But for now, we want to bring you a little personal experience from the holiday. Address by the President of Russia at the military parade President […]

Apparent Poor Planning by Putin of the Invasion of Ukraine

Eric Zuesse Russia’s first strategy against further enlargement of NATO was to demand, on 15 December 2021, to the U.S. Government; and, two days later, to America’s main anti-Russian military alliance, NATO; that NATO would never add any new member-nations — especially not Ukraine (the only nation that’s within a mere 5-minute’s missile-striking-distance away from […]

Russian Orthodox Church under threat of EU sanctions

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The European Union is debating on imposing sanctions on Patriarch Kirill, the head of The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), also known as the Moscow Patriarchate, who leads about 100 million believers. The EU has accused him of supporting the war in Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin. The sanctions would […]