LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND Analysis | JayDyer & Tristan | Predictive Programming 

Tristan Haggard and I go deep into the symbolism and message of the terrible apocalyptic thriller, Leave the World Behind- a 2023 Netflix film starring Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. A fun deep dive analysis of the occult symbolism and real meaning of this movie about a foreign hacker […]

Ben Shapiro Vs Cosmic Skeptic REVIEW & Rollo Tomassi & James Sexton Exchange -Jay Dyer

Tonight we return to debate reviews as we check out a key clip from the recent Ben Shapiro Vs Cosmic Skeptic debate, as well as a breakdown of the recent red pill discussion with Rollo and James Sexton on Destiny, Women and God, and more! Sign up for Richard Grove’s newest course on becoming self […]

AI Girlfriends & Sex Bots! Revisiting Ex Machina’s Predictions – Jay Dyer & Tristan Haggard

Tristana joins me to revisit the classic dystopian horror from Alex Garland, Ex Machina since we are coming up on almost 10 years since its release, as well as other films like Spike Jonze’s Her. Live at 7PM CST Sign up for Richard Grove’s newest course on becoming self sufficient as a sovereign entrepreneur here. […]

The Coming Civil War Predictive Programming with Jay Dyer – Avoiding Babylon Podcast

Jay Dyer joins us to talk about predictive programming and what a civil war in America might look like. Venture into the realm of speculative fiction and reality as we scrutinize the eerie prescience of “Leave the World Behind”, the upcoming “Civil War” movie, and other dystopian narratives with Jay. These stories often eerily echo […]

Pope Francis’ Blessings: Another Change in Dogma & Praxis – The Big Picture – Jay Dyer

Everyone is talking about it, but what is the bigger picture? First, we will establish that it is a change in doctrine and morals, then we will see that it is much bigger than just a “blessing,” and then we will see the overall endgame goals. Sign up for Richard Grove’s newest course on becoming […]

Red Pill: Neo-Masculinity, The Hope of Bitcoin & Economic Collapse (HALF)

This is a free half of a full conversation with Cameron MacGregor returns to cover the issues relating to coming war, economic and social collapse, geopolitical subterfuge and intrigue, the potentiality for Bitcoin and the rise of masculinity. The full chat is available at my site or my R0kfin below. Sign up for Richard Grove’s […]

TIK TOK CRINGE: Witches, Preachers, Atheists, Starseeds, Gurus & DINKS -Jay Dyer

Saturday is fun day – where we entertain ourselves by refuting and demolishing the LOWEST HANGING FRUIT – the trends on Tik TOK! What could be more fun? Nothing. We will check in on withchtok, the atheists, our new age gurus and started friends, the latest spells and incantations and our new friends, the DINKS. […]

Western Civlization Will COLLAPSE From GLOBAL GOV & Their DINK ARMY 

Tristana and I cover COP28, the alternative lifestyles we MUST accept to save the planet and how the DINK ARMY will save the world by destroying western civilization! The good news is, many are not buying it – but unfortunately many are! Live at 8PM CST Tristana is here: Sign up for Richard Grove’s […]

Aleister Crowley, “The Hidden God” & The New Religion of the Goddess

Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw break down the new religion of the Goddess and ties to Aleister Crowley’s defiling of humanity. The elite pseudo-philosophy of Crowley aligns with his usage by British intelligence as an operative. Sign up for Richard Grove’s newest course on becoming self sufficient as a sovereign entrepreneur here. Remember to boost […]

Dune & Dune Messiah Explained – Esoteric Analysis (Free Half)

Dune and the Dune series are the most profound science fiction novels of all time. In this deep dive we revisit the overall themes and patterns found in Dune, and expand into a new analysis of Dune Messiah, the famed sequel. I cover the esoteric, geopolitical, consp1ratorial and predictive programming elements no other podcasts have […]