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Dune, Wall-E, Planet of the Apes, Idiocracy & More: Dystopia Now! Jay & Jamie (Half)

We pick back up with our final installment of the chronological ordering of the dystopian films, analyzing and riffing on Logans Run, Waterworld, Idiocracy, Brave New World, Wall-E, Planet of the Apes, Dune, and The Time Machine. This sequence covers the year 2274 to the year 802,701. After this we will also do an addendum […]

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Chaos Magick – Jay Dyer

We will be covering two films today that follow a trend of promoting the absurd idea of the multiverse. The multiverse theory is often coupled with chaos magick. I will also analyze Everything Everywhere All at Once, which has a similar theme. The multiverse is the reintroduction of metaphysics to the post-scientism world we live […]

Technomagic: Tolkien, Lewis & Arthur C. Clarke – Jay + Tristan on COTEL

“In this stream I am joined by Jay Dyer and Tristan Haggard to discuss all things technology and it relationship to magic. We will be reflecting upon the famous quote by Arthur C. Clarke “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think.” […]

Jamie’s New Podcast: Aliens From Hell & More!

Jamie has a new podcast with her friend Kristen and below is a sample of a few of their episodes. Be sure to subscribe and follow her show here! Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50’ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the […]
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MET GALA & The Dark Arts: Post-Modernism & The Self-Destruct Button

This goofy thing comes around every year and people always ask about it and discuss the “fashion.” Today we will cover the meaning of this “event” and the high profile fashion world’s longtime connection to the dark arts. In fact, the celebration of modern art and its obsession with abstraction, the ugly, the irrational and […]

Megan Fox / Machine Gun Kelly – Hollywood VAMPYRES: Rituals & Cults Galore! -Jay Dyer

Today we return to our origins: Hollywood cults and bl00d drinking classics! We will recall the forgotten tales of Jolie in her ritual stories with Billy Bob, the Kardashian classics, the recent statements from Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly as well as the overall cult ethos of Hollywood. Live at 430 PM CST Remember […]

Phoenix From the Ashes: From Vietnam Technowar to Technocracy (Half) – Jay Dyer

Tonight’s lecture will cover the real story of Vietnam as best I can tell from various academic, intelligence and historian sources. From the Jacobsen History of DARPA to Valentine’s Phoenix Program, Vietnam encompasses a psychological operation like no other. The full lecture will be available for paid subs to my site or r0kfin. Live at […]

The Serial Killers Of The Great Reset

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The hAlex J0nes Show to break down the globalist buildup to the Great Reset takeover of humanity. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50’ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or […]

The New Aeon of the Hivemind: The Net, Neurohacking & Cybernetics (Half) – Jay Dyer

Tonight we will be looking at some recent clips that surfaced from Klaus & Co., as well as a mini doc on Pharmakeia that is unintentionally comical with goofy presentations promoting tranzhoomanism, and then we will cover a few elements and clips of old school propaganda. Live Thursday at 830 PM CST Remember to boost […]

Dark Secrets of the Coming Smart Cities 

In today’s Show, Maria Zeee reveals the plan for the City of Newcastle to not only be the testing ground for Australia’s Smart Cities, but the model for the whole world. She takes us through the various projects and government grants around Australia, and delves deeper into Smart Cities, the Metaverse, and citizen surveillance along […]
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