Video: Arab League Legal Rep Demolishes Israeli Claims to Palestine and Justifications for Genocide at the ICJ

The exceptionally articulate lawyer representing the Arab League at the International Court of Justice has presented a devastating case against Israeli arguments for their claim to Palestinian land and against their ongoing genocide in Gaza.
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Navalny, Assange, and Corporate Media Hypocrisy

The following article was published in 2022 but is highly relevant to recent events: The New York Times continues to selectively promote news that fits the Establishment narrative. The NYT portrays the nine-year sentence of the Russian “opposition leader” Aleksei Navalny to a high-security prison as a travesty of justice. Was it unjust? If so, justice must be demanded. What I can comment on is […]

War With Hezbollah: What the Israelis Fear

A recently published report reveals the trepidation of Zionist military experts The worst fears of the Zionist entity on the precipice of escalated military confrontation with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon are compiled in a 130-page-report entitled ‘The Most Deadly War of All’. [Thank you to Resistance News Network (RNN) on Telegram for alerting me to this report] The report includes the opinions […]

Eva Bartlett: I Documented Two Israeli Wars On Gaza. This Current One is the Worst

Originally published December 2, 2023. After seven weeks of relentless Israeli bombing throughout Gaza, according to the modest estimates of the UN as of November 23 (right before a humanitarian ceasefire came into effect), more than 14,800 people have been killed in the enclave, including about 6,000 children and 4,000 women. While these Israeli attacks on Gaza are by far the worst yet, […]

The Resistible Rise of the New Normal Reich

CJ Hopkins on his show trial in Germany after his ‘criminal tweets’ and some profound thoughts on the slide towards totalitarianism being made possible by ‘good citizens.’ So, the German authorities have filed an appeal to overturn my acquittal in criminal court last week. Apparently, their plan is to keep putting me on trial until they get a judge who […]
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U.S. attacks on Syria and Iraq – Analysis by Vanessa Beeley

The U.S. is losing face but just can’t stop its war policy (Above) ISIS in Raqqa, northern Syria 2014 Here is a summary of recent events in Syria and Iraq. The Syrian Ministry of Defence issued the following statement (translated from Arabic) on the U.S. attacks carried out at dawn on the 3rd February: Today at dawn, the American occupation […]
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At least six Israeli Air Force aircraft have visited Britain since the Gaza bombing began, but the UK government refuses to tell Declassified what was on them. The Israeli military has landed six flights in Britain since it began its criminal bombing of Gaza in early October, it can be revealed. The real number is likely to be higher, but […]


Conservative politicians have accepted nearly £20,000 in funds from the Israel lobby, including for “solidarity” missions to the country, while Israel engages in war crimes, Declassified finds. At least nine UK Conservative MPs have accepted donations from the pro-Israel lobby since the beginning of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, Declassified has found. The lobby organisations in question are parliamentary group Conservative Friends […]