Trump, Post-Modernism, Paradigms & Debating Worldviews

Jay Dyer returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his piece “Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump.” We talk about how Donald Trump’s election may represent a genuine challenge to globalism and to the entire Enlightenment mythos. Later we discuss Jay’s lecture on Seraphim Rose’s prophetic work Orthodoxy & the Religion of the Future – a book published in 1970s that was critical of the New Age, Eastern mysticism, Illuminism, globalism and called out alien/UFO phenomenon as a psy-op.

Anarcho-Capitalism and Intellectual Property Right: Consistency FAIL

In Anarcho-Capitalism and Intellectual Property Right, The Vincenton Post (December 10, 2009), some Objectivist nym attacks my anti-IP views (citing Greg Perkins). He writes: “Now let me reproduce here the argument made by Greg Perkins against some Libertarian scholars against intellectual property. Perkins wrote the following:” … Consistency FAIL!

IP Killing Objectivism

As I noted in Objectivism: Leonard Peikoff vs. the World, the Objectivist world is being shaken by the latest schisms and excommunications, regarding ARI founder and Rand heir Leonard Peikoff’s denunciation of former ARI board member John McCaskey. Diana Hsieh and her husband have weighed in with overwrought “final thoughts” in Closing Thoughts on ARI, […]

Objectivism: Leonard Peikoff vs. the World

My two recent LRC posts. For other posts on the antics of the hilarious Objectivists, see here and here. Re: The Latest Objectivism Schism: Peikoff vs. McCaskey Posted by Stephan Kinsella on November 14, 2010 02:22 PM The most recent developments in the latest Objectivist schism (previously mentioned here): Nov. 5: Peikoff elaborates. Nov. 11 […]

The Death Throes of Pro-IP Libertarianism

My article, “The Death Throes of Pro-IP Libertarianism,” was published on Mises Daily today. Also published today on Mises Daily is a reprint of Wendy McElroy’s great, classic “Copyright and Patent in Benjamin Tucker’s Periodical Liberty.” *** Amusing: on the “Christian Pipe Smokers” site (hunh?), one guy links to my article and says “This is […]