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Fake News + Bad Journalism = New Normal

I’ve been interviewed more times than I can remember. Those experiences have sometimes left me shaking my head when I’d find factual errors in the ensuing articles and posts about myself. After all, who better than Mickey Z. to fact-check something written about Mickey Z.? Whenever I ponder these memories, I can’t help but see […]
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The Unvaccinated Question (Revisited)

On 1 September, 1941, Chief of Reich Security Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most fanatical, mass-murdering Nazis, issued a now notorious decree ordering Jews above the age of six to wear an identifying badge in public. The Jewish Badge, a yellow Star of David with the word “Jew” inscribed inside the star, was meant to […]
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AUDIO: Riley Waggaman on Perspective with Jesse Zurawell – Part 2

Part 2 of Riley Waggaman’s recent interview with Jesse Zurawell on Perspective, discussing his article “Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (published on Unlimited Hangout). Part one of this interview is available here. TNT Radio is a 24/7 internet radio station, available here. You can also listen to back-episodes of Perspective here …

Letter to the South African Government

Margaret Anna Alice When the world needed them, the people of South Africa rose up with their fellow Africans to help defeat the proposed International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments that would have given a documentably accused genocidal war criminal one-world dictatorial powers. Now the people of South Africa need our help. Please see the instructions after this letter to learn how …

Nancy Pelosi, Taiwan & yet another fake binary

Kit Knightly Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan yesterday. It was quite an event. People were asking “is this brinksmanship dangerous?”, or “Will the Chinese shoot down Pelosi’s plane?” Protesters took to the streets of Taipei, the Chinese military is holding live-fire drills in the South China sea. …and then Pelosi left, and nothing has actually happened, …

Moscow to expand “safe & convenient” biometric payment system

Riley Waggaman Your Still-Very-Stranded-In-Tbilisi Correspondent mused at the end of June that the West’s never-ending barrage of sanctions might disrupt digital cattle-tagging efforts in Russia. This is probably true in “backwards” regions that can’t boast a single Smart or Safe City—how embarrassing. But it is definitely not true in Moscow, which is lorded over by a dancing Boston Dynamics robot …

The Normalization of the New Normal Reich

I know, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about the Rise of the New Normal Reich. You want it to be over. So do I. It isn’t over … not by a long shot. It might seem like it’s over where you are. I imagine it does if you live in Florida, or in […]
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