Israel on the brink of constitutional anarchy

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Despite massive street protests since January, and international pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to throw out the bill, the judicial reform measure is now law.  It passed on a vote of 64-0 amid an opposition boycott.  The bill removes the “Reasonability Clause” from being used by the Supreme […]

Palestine is boiling and will not cool down

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Khader Adnan, 45, of Jenin in the occupied West Bank, died while on a hunger strike in an Israeli prison. He started the hunger strike on February 5, when he was arrested and sentenced in an Israeli military court and placed into “administrative detention”, which means detention without charges […]

The West Bank: to end the violence, Israel must end the occupation

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Yesterday, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed nine Palestinians in a deadly daylight attack on Jenin in the occupied West Bank. A tenth Palestinian was shot and killed by the IDF in al-Ram while protesting the attack on Jenin. The Palestinian health ministry identified three of those killed as housewife […]

Israel Kills Palestinian Teen, Hit By Bomb Attack Retaliation

Israel’s escalating presence inside the occupied West Bank is leading to even greater violence. Within one day the body of an Israeli soldier was taken hostage, as bomb attacks struck Jerusalem. Tel Aviv now weighs a tough response, but at what cost? On Tuesday night Israeli occupation forces accompanied a small group of extremist Israeli Read More...

IOF launches large-scale aggression on Nablus, commits brutal killings

The Israeli occupation forces storm the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, waging large-scale aggression against the Palestinian people. The Israeli occupation forces unexpectedly stormed on Tuesday the West Bank city of Nablus in occupied Palestine, waging a round of unprecedented aggression in recent years. The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that the Israeli occupation forces killed three Palestinians and wounded […]

The West Bank in Palestine is ready to explode

Seven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator There is a battle brewing in the occupied West Bank of Palestine.  Thousands of Israeli occupation forces will be deployed to face a growing resistance force.  The ‘natives are restless’ and the Lions’ Den has mobilized to fight for their freedom and human rights. 500,000 illegal Jewish settlers now […]

Difficult Months Ahead: Why Israel is Afraid of the Lions’ Den

This headline in the Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, only tells part of the story: “The Lions’ Den, Other Palestinian Groups are Endless Headache for Israel, PA.” It is true that both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority are equally worried about the prospect of a widespread armed revolt in the Occupied West Bank, […]

Hamas renews ties with Syria, which may signal Qatar repairing its relationship with Damascus

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The leader of the group Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, recently stated that the dispute with Syria is over, and the relationship between Hamas and Damascus is starting a new phase.  He praised Syria for its unwavering support of the Palestinian resistance cause. Hamas ideology is viewed by many as Muslim […]

Armed Jewish extremists may ignite a regional war

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Yesterday, thousands of Israelis have pushed through the Muslim quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem in a Flag March, marking its occupation by Israel in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The march was organized by Jewish settler groups who demanded to perform religious rites in the Al Aqsa Mosque, […]