Mohammed bin Salman

The cold war between Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates heats up

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), gathered Saudi journalists in Riyadh in December to say that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had been an ally for decades, but had stabbed Saudi Arabia in the back, and threatened a response.  According to Gulf experts, the disagreement between MBS and […]

“Saudi Crown Prince has a new plan for Lebanon” interview with Professor Hussein Gharbieh

By:Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Lebanon remains in a state of financial, political, and social collapse. Lebanon is flying on autopilot without any President. In the south of Lebanon on the border with Israel there is increasing tension as Israel has attempted to steal more Lebanese land. Steven Sahiounie of MidEastDiscourse interviewed Professor Hussein […]

The US kept the Middle East destabilized to profit the military industrial complex: interview with Kevork Almassian

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator   The Middle East is entering a new era, which is has seen the US side-lined while China and Saudi Arabia take new leadership positions. Gone are the days when a Middle Eastern monarch marched to orders written in the Oval Office. Newly exerted independence and diplomacy tracks have […]

Lebanon under occupation, financial fraud and sectarian political corruption

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator   Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on June 16.  One of the items on their agenda was Lebanon, which has close historical and language ties to France.  The tiny Mediterranean country has been in financial collapse for several […]

Crown Prince of Saudi is working towards a political solution for Syria

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Dr. Faisal Mekdad, Syria’s Foreign Minister, is in Saudi Arabia for meetings held on June 11 and 12, which marks his third visit to the Kingdom in the last three months. In April, he made his initial visit and accompanied President Assad to Jeddah to attend the Council of […]

Recovery from devastation: Iranian Embassy in Riyadh reopened

By: Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The Iranian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was “officially reopened” on June 6 after the momentous signing of a Saudi Arabian-Iranian normalization deal brokered by China in March. The winds of change have been blowing from East to West, bringing fresh air to the Middle East and reconciling […]

Syria takes steady steps on the diplomatic stage

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Jordan played host to the newest regional meeting on the road to the reinstatement of Syria as a member of the Arab world. Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi met privately with Syria’s Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad in Amman on May 1, before the larger group meeting which included foreign […]