Mishnah and Gemara

The silent partner in America’s molestation culture

The silent partner in America’s sexual molestation cultureBy Michael Hoffman www.RevisionistHistory.orgThis autumn I am studying the Talmud Bavli (Bavli =Babylonian), tractate Sanhedrin, from 49b to 113A.My objective is to bring accurate knowledge of Orthodox Judaism’s holiest book to the attention of the public and to do so in accordance with exegetical principles free of hatred and bia

The Judaic-Muslim Monstrosity

Exploring the Zionist-(Salafist)-Muslim AllianceBy Michael Hoffmanwww.RevisionistHistory.orgAs Salafist/Wahhabist Saudi theology proceeds to commissar the Sunnis by means of ISIS recruitment, and while their Muslim victims among the Shiites are marginalized, Israeli Zionism and Orthodox Judaism are riding high in prestige in the West.The Zionists' “I told you so” platitudes about how, if we had only gotten tough on Muslims the way Israelis do, we would be better off, are now ubiquitous in the media.