State Department globalists responsible for Ukraine coup – Trump

RT | February 21, 2023 Former US president Donald Trump has blamed “warmongers and ‘America Last’ globalists” at the State Department for pushing Ukraine toward conflict. Trump, who is running for office in 2024, promised to rid Washington of “warmongers, frauds and failures” if elected again. In a campaign video released on Tuesday, Trump warned […]

How Long Did Americans Support America’s Longest War?

By Jacob G. Hornberger | FFF | February 21, 2023 In an op-ed in today’s Los Angeles Times, Alexander J. Moytyl, a professor of political science at Rutgers, asks, “How long will Russians tolerate Putin’s costly war?” After pointing out the many negative consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moytyl makes a pointed observation: “And yet, almost a year […]

Biden’s Kiev trip ‘a slap in the face’ to America – US Congressman

RT | February 21, 2023 US President Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine was “a slap in the face to every American,” Republican Rep. Paul Gosar declared on Monday. Already under fire over the hundreds of billions of dollars he’s handed Kiev, Biden is now being savaged by Republicans for his handling of a disastrous chemical accident on […]

Mass demo in Munich against war

Free West Media | February 21, 2023 While Annalena Baerbock and US VP Kamala Harris discussed the further escalation of the war in Ukraine at the Munich Security Conference convened in the Bayerischer Hof, thousands demonstrated peacefully against war on the Königsplatz. Several demonstrations took place in Munich on Saturday on the fringes of the Security […]

Putin Announces Suspension of New START Treaty, Orders New Strategic Systems Be Put on Combat Duty

Sputnik – 21.02.2023 Russia will be suspending its participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction (New START) Treaty, President Vladimir Putin has announced. The Russian president made the announcement during the course of a major annual address to lawmakers on Tuesday that focused on the security crisis in Ukraine and the broader global tensions between […]

‘US, Not China, Pouring Weapons Into Ukraine’, Says Chinese Foreign Ministry

By Wyatt Reed – Sputnik – 21.02.2023 With the US accusing China of looking into selling weapons to the Russian military, China’s foreign ministry says that – having pumped tens of billions in heavy weapons to Ukrainian militants – Washington is “not qualified” to lecture Beijing about international arms trafficking. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has […]