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Max Blumenthal debunks US accusation of China’s ‘genocide’ against Uighurs

source Max Blumenthal debunks US accusation of China’s ‘genocide’ against Uighurs Max Blumenthal documents the deceptions behind the US government’s accusation that China is committing “genocide” against Uyghur Muslims in its Xinjiang region, picking apart NED-funded studies that rely on botched statistics and exposing extremist Adrian Zenz and his error-filled research. This was part of […]

The Xinjiang “Genocide”

This is an excerpt from the “American/Canadian Propaganda – a Xinjiang ‘Genocide’ Panel” video. I encourage you to watch the whole thing, including Max Blumenthal’s part. The video can be found here:​ I’ve decided to subtitle this portion in both English and Chinese, as I know many overseas Chinese (and Asians in general) are […]
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As leaks expose UK op to ‘weaken’ Russia, suppression of Grayzone reporting backfires

Twitter added an unprecedented “warning” to Max Blumenthal’s Grayzone article about explosive leaks revealing a massive UK government anti-Russia propaganda operation involving Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat. Instead of suppressing the article, it went viral. After The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal reported on newly leaked documents exposing a massive UK government propaganda campaign against Russia, Twitter added an unprecedented warning label that the material “may have been obtained through hacking.” Although Twitter may have intended to restrict the article, the warning had […]

Venezuelan VP Delcy Rodriguez details new measures to break the US blockade

In a wide-ranging interview with The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez details her government’s new Anti-Blockade Law and explains how it counteracts the impact of the US economic war imposed on her country VP Rodriguez also answered left-wing criticism of the Anti-Blockade Law and discussed her family’s history of leftist activism dating back to Venezuela’s dirty war, when her father was disappeared by the old neoliberal regime. She placed the ongoing attacks by the US-backed right-wing opposition […]

Mob mentality: Capitol riot exploited to expand the national security state that failed to stop it

The US national security state failed to prevent the pro-Trump mob attack on the Capitol. Yet instead of accountability, US intelligence officials are being emboldened via increased militarization, censorship, and surveillance. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Maté discuss the dangerous fallout. Rather than prioritize accountability for US intelligence officials’ failure to prevent the pro-Trump mob attack on the Capitol, the incident is instead being used to expand the national security state’s powers. Max Blumenthal, who witnessed the Capitol mob and reported […]

Podcast Panel: US Meddling In Venezuela Elections, Economic Warfare & COVID-19

Observed by 1,500 international election observers from 34 countries, elections in Venezuela handed Nicholas Maduro a clear victory, sending a message to the US that it failed to influence the same elections that Mike Pompeo called illegitimate.
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As Trump rejects US election, Biden signals continued regime change abroad

With Trump rejecting the US election outcome and the Biden team advocating continued regime change abroad, Max Blumenthal on US hegemony coming home to roost. As President Trump refuses to concede over baseless allegations of widespread fraud, the Biden team has sent signals that there will be little to no transition away from US regime change abroad. The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discusses Trump’s rejection of democracy at home, and the records of the likely Biden cabinet members who have adopted […]