Thank Joe Biden for Your COVID-Positive Nurse

Thank Joe Biden for Your COVID-Positive Nurse by James Bovard October 4, 2022 If you pick up a COVID infection during your next visit to a hospital or medical office, maybe send a thank-you card to President Biden. His COVID vaccine mandate was one of the most perverse public-health edicts in modern times. Vaccination status […]
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My C-SPAN Interview and Transcript on Covid Pandemic Security Theater

Here’s the video of my interview this morning on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal on the failure of Covid Pandemic Security Theater. Destroying freedom dismally failed to keep Americans safe. Politicians and bureaucrats need to be held responsible for the wreckage the federal, state, and local govts. inflicted over the past 2 years. Here’s the link – […]

Is Freedom Public Enemy Number One?

The Media War on Canadian Truckers: Is Freedom Public Enemy Number One? by James Bovard The denigration of the Canadian trucker protest convoy exemplifies how freedom is now the biggest villain of the Covid-19 pandemic. A Washington Post cartoonist portrayed the trucker convoy as “fascism” incarnate while another Post column derided the “toxic ‘Freedom Convoy.’” […]
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USA Today: End Biden’s Vax Mandate for Health Care Workers

USA Today, January 7, 2022 COVID-positive nurses are in our hospitals. But Biden’s mandate forbids unvaccinated ones. There is insufficient evidence to justify forcibly injecting health care workers with COVID-19 vaccines. Strike down Biden administration mandate. by James Bovard Opinion columnist The Supreme Court on Friday will hear challenges to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, including […]

Pfizer vaccine now FDA approved, but VAERS raises questions [Video]

The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) run taken for vaccine related deaths thus far in 2021 reported 5,054 deaths (in the USA, Europe is much higher) that took place in some relation to receiving COVID-19 vaccines. The VAERS database, a service provided by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, notes that the deaths […]

Nancy Pelosi lays on mask mandates and triggers a revolt [Video]

Nancy Pelosi laid on harsh COVID-19 masking rules for the Lower House of Congress on Thursday, triggering quite a response from her chamber’s members, most particularly Republicans, but even some Democrats have had enough of this. That it is mostly Republicans is a problem, because this so far smells of “political stunt.” However, there may […]

Collapse of the Covid Catechism

President Biden promised Americans a “summer of freedom” but the feds revoked it this week.  First the CDC championed new mask mandates and then Biden announced that he would compel all federal employees to get Covid vaccines or be tested and hounded until they submitted.  In his public announcement on Thursday, Biden said it is […]
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Are vaccination mandates like these where you live? [Video]

Many of my readers know that I have been chronicling the COVID crisis since its inception. More recently, the efforts by government agencies in the Russian Federation, particularly in Moscow and other local level governments, has caught my attention because it reveals a way the national government can claim it does not have vaccination mandates […]