Mainstream Media, Warmongering

Former CBC reporter says outlet suppressed negative stories about COVID shots, lockdowns

By Anthony Murdoch | LifeSiteNews | May 25, 2023 OTTAWA, Ontario – A former journalist who worked for the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) shockingly revealed that reporters were stopped from being able to cover stories critical of COVID vaccines and lockdowns, and were instead encouraged to push government “propaganda.”  The shocking revelations were made […]

The Mainstream Media Is Preparing Iran To Be The Scapegoat If Kiev’s Counteroffensive Fails

BY ANDREW KORYBKO | MAY 26, 2023 The West has claimed for a while now that Iran is secretly arming Russia despite both countries’ denials, with CNN reviving these accusations in their latest report about how “Iran has a direct route to send Russia weapons – and Western powers can do little to stop the […]

Jack Teixeira, the Deep State, and ‘Captured Media’

By Thomas Eddlem | The Libertarian Institute | May 25, 2023 Suspected Pentagon documents leaker Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Dighton, Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, allegedly released classified documents without permission about the sobering U.S. intelligence assessment of Ukraine’s prospects in the Russo-Ukrainian War (i.e., Ukraine can’t win, despite public official pronouncements about their imminent battlefield […]

Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big People: How the Obesity Industrial Complex Works

By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. | The Defender | May 23, 2023 “Is modern medicine helping us live longer and healthier?” Or is a “darker, more sinister agenda” creating “a longer but sicker life?” Journalist James Li explored this question on a recent episode of “Breaking Points,” where he discussed how “Big Pharma, Big Food, mainstream media, […]

BBC fights ‘fake news’ with fake Twitter accounts

RT | May 23, 2023 A journalist with the British broadcaster’s new fact-checking spinoff BBC Verify has admitted to deploying multiple fake Twitter accounts to combat “disinformation.” In a segment broadcast on Saturday, BBC “disinformation correspondent” Marianna Spring warned the audience that “mistruths can cause really serious harm to societies and the people in them.” She then revealed she had […]

Poll finds disconnect between US public and media

RT | May 22, 2023 Most Americans believe the ‘Russiagate’ investigation of Donald Trump was based on lies and that President Joe Biden’s family engaged in influence-peddling crimes, a new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll has shown, suggesting that legacy media outlets have failed to sway public opinion. The poll, released on Friday, found that 56% of US […]

The Western Media Disinformation Campaign: Fall of Bakhmut, a case in point

By Gilbert Doctorow | May 21, 2023 Our language is in constant evolution. Partly this is bottom up, from the inventiveness of creative personalities or writers for commercial advertising. Partly it is top down, from the powers that be as they seek to manipulate and control the thought processes of the broad public. My brief […]