Spider-Man: No Way Home & Matrix Resurrection Analyses: Meta – Multi Everything

 Metamulti propaganda is now the rage! As we covered in 2018 -2019, the simulation theory is aligning with the met averse who is making out with the other bff, multiverse theory. Multi meta everything is prepping us for the acceptance of new notions of what “reality” is, leading to the actual matrix pod. I’ve […]

They Live, Predator, Star Trek, Signs, Under the Skin & More! Jay & Jamie Dyer (Half)

 We continue alien January by deconstructing more of the most popular alien/ufo films, reaching back to the 80s with Arnold and Jessie in Predator and John Carpenter’s They Live, Lesser known occult alien films like Life-force, Shyamalan’s Signs, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers from the 70s . Signs, interestingly, has a Christian influenced […]

Atheism And Luciferianism Dismantled – Jay Dyer on Inf0Warz

Hosting the 4th hour of the hAlex J0nez Show again, I cover Fr. Seraphim Rose’s famous book Nihilism, which captures the spirit of our age.  Nihilism is an outworking of atheism, and the further stages of the social rejection of God and even reason itself.  When God is rejected, “reason” becomes the next deity, but that false god soon falls as well.   In this improv lecture I outline real philosophy and objectivity over against relativism and materialism.


The Holy Mountain Explained – A Jodorowsky Esoteric Analysis (Half)

It’s been recommended for many years and I finally forced myself to watch it.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but this film is definitely one of the most “esoteric” and “occult” films of all time.  We will analyze the film’s stages and symbolism, as well as the meaning of its strange ending.  This “holy mountain” contrasts well with real holy mountains, as we will see.  The full analysis will be available to subscribers.  Support via Streamlabs here.


Childhood’s End, Close Encounters & The Blob! Our Alien Demon Overlords – Jay Dyer

Jay on Film. Welcome to the new show format. Now, we’re going to cover 3 films with similar themes a few times a week and hopefully a few days ahead of time so you nerds have time view or review them! The new format will allow me to streamline the process and integrate the old “esoteric” approach in with *other* types of films that aren’t just esoteric. Our first new episode will cover Childhood’s End, Spielberg’s Close Encounters and the 1988 DER BLOB!  Live at 10PM EST