KOL359 | State Constitutions vs. the Libertarian Private Law Code (PFS 2021)

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 359. From the recently-concluded Fifteenth Annual (2021) Meeting of the PFS, Bodrum, Turkey (Sept. 16–21, 2021). For others, see the links in the Program, or the PFS YouTube channel, including the growing PFS 2021 YouTube Playlist. Additional media of the proceedings will be released presently. For a similar talk, see KOL345 | Kinsella’s Libertarian “Constitution” […]

Drona Mindset Plays Havoc with Deserving Students

Modern-day Eklavyas are depriving students of their dues across the country. No government can compensate for robbing students from underprivileged backgrounds of their future. In the 19th century, Chatra district in Jharkhand hosted the legendary Raja Rammohan Roy for a while. A memorial to Subedar Nadir Ali Khan and Jay Mangal Panday, martyred during the … Continue reading Drona Mindset Plays Havoc with Deserving Students →

Strong directions of CJI on tribunals

Even as the parliament was lost in protests on Pegasus, the Modi Govt pushed the Bills on Tribunals, with contents rejected by the Supreme Court. The bench of Chief Justice of India and two judges put the government on the dock about the complete absence of material justifying the Bill and also the lack of proper debate in the Parliament[Read More...]

Judicial Activism and the Presumption of Unconstitutionality (draft, 2005)

I just came across this draft article in my files. I believe it was written in 2005, as a followup to A Libertarian Defense of Kelo and Limited Federal Power,, June 27, 2005. I may not agree with everything in it, and can’t recall why I never published it. It is also not complete–I apparently meant to […]

Why BJP Wants Meat Banned in Mathura

The BJP is imposing harmful dietary restrictions and refusing to accept that more Indians want to consume meat, fish and eggs for their nutritional benefits. . In 1902, the prolific British writer HG Wells delivered a philosophical speech titled “The Discovery of the Future” at the Royal Institution in London. Wells is often remembered for … Continue reading Why BJP Wants Meat Banned in Mathura →

Homesteading, Abandonment, and Unowned Land in the Civil Law (Mises Blog, 2009)

Based on a post from the Mises Blog, 5/22/2009 (archived comments below). The original post is somehow mangled and I am unable to edit it. This was based on an email I sent to Tulane law professor Professor A.N. Yiannopoulos, a legal giant in Louisiana and civil law scholarship (1, 2), whose brilliant magnum opus, […]

resisting the papa state? E Bull jet brothers or hadiya?

In the recent controversy over the arrest of the travel vloggers Ebin and Libin who rode high on popularity with lakhs of subscribers through their Youtube channel E Bull Jet, it is very hard not to side with the two young men. The flamboyant pair whose hugely popular travel — or ‘van life’ — videos … Continue reading resisting the papa state? E Bull jet brothers or hadiya? →

When public good faces a faith hurdle

Moderation and acceptance are parts of a continuous struggle to ensure that democracy does not get subsumed by majoritarianism. ‘The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related that it is difficult to class them separately. One step above the sublime makes the ridiculous, and one step above the ridiculous makes the sublime again.’ … Continue reading When public good faces a faith hurdle →