Corporate Defaults Soar, Mainly in U.S.

Eric Zuesse (blogs at Here are the 12 September 2023 numbers from S&P Global, for: U.S., Europe, Other developed, Emerging markets, and Global (total): “Corporate Defaults Record Highest August Total Since 2009“ 12 September 2023 August tally 2023YTD 2022YTD (corporate defaults) U.S. 9 69 25  +176% Europe 5 19 7 +171% Other dev. 0 […]

UK quietly passes “Online Safety Bill” into law

Kit Knightly Buried behind the Brand-related headlines yesterday, the British House of Lords voted to pass the controversial “Online Safety Bill” into law. All that’s needed now is Royal ascent, which Charles will obviously provide. The bill’s (very catchy) long-form title is… A Bill to make provision for and in connection with the regulation by …