Farmers’ Struggle Not Over: Corporate Takeover of Indian Agriculture Still Looms

Colin Todhunter The following is an unpublished transcript of an interview the author did for a UK-based TV channel that covers issues of interest to the worldwide Sikh diaspora. It concerns three pieces of farm legislation in India that were repealed in late 2021 after a prolonged protest by India’s farmers that gained global support …

Ukraine for the UK is only a business interest

“Great Britain has no constant friends or enemies but rather constant interests”, Lord Palmerston. From this phrase, much becomes clear. Obviously, the third party that is taking a very active part in the conflict in Ukraine is the United Kingdom. Part of the conflict was provoked by London’s announcement of the construction of military bases […]

The Secret U.S.-&-UK War Against Europe

Eric Zuesse The secret U.S.-and-UK war against Europe is well documented but little known, and some conceptual and historical background is pre-requisite in order to understand that documentation. Historically, nations which share the same currency don’t go to war against one-another unless one of them is a colony of the other and is (like America’s […]