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Aliens, Demons & God: Rocker DOROTHY Joins Me to Discuss!

Dorothy is a rockstar and joined me to discuss her wild journey and deliverance. Was a fun interview and covered a lot of theological territory, especially given the recent alien news. Dorothy is here. Her new song with Nita Strauss is here. Next up on our live tour is Los Angeles – July 6 with […]
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The Real Power Elite: The Anglo-American Establishment by Quigley – A Book in 10 Minutes – Jay Dyer

Just as important as Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope is his later follow up describing the actual structure of the power elite and how they infiltrated and took over the world order. This is an essential text and this functions as an introduction to the full lectures I do on this book for my members at […]

UFO / Alien Disclosure & “Crashed Physical Evidence” Plus UAP Clips – Jay Dyer

It’s back as we predicted – the pentagon is hyped up about aliens and UFOs and the recent claims of crashed craft, recycling the old Roswell myth. Area 51 and the underground base claims are also resurfacing, but what it is really behind alien disclosure? Is it a massive deception? Live at 4 PM CST […]

Flannery O’Connor’s Prophetic Novel Predicted The New Atheists – Wise Blood – Jay Dyer (Half)

Hazel Motes is a wild dude. In fact, his character is in many ways an archetype of the new atheists and the cult they head nowadays with their scientism lab coat vestments. We will do a deep literary analysis of the symbolism and philosophy of this Southern Gothic classic. This is a half analysis – […]