Jared Kushner

Kushner-Linked Firm and Gig Economy Set to Reap Huge Profits as Mass Evictions Begin

In 2014, former Blackstone and Goldman Sachs investment banker Ryan Williams got together with his “college buddy,” Joshua Kushner – Jared’s brother – to form a real estate investment platform they called Cadre. Cadre sought to disrupt the real estate industry in the wake of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis by tinderizing property deals through a tech platform that brought investors and sellers together.

Has Jared Kushner Taken Over Kanye's Mind On Behalf Of The Trumpanzee Campaign?

There are always contrarians-- people who go against the grain just to... go against the grain. In the early 1930s, a Jew voting for Hitler as Germany's fragile democracy was collapsing-- and there were some-- would likely have been a severe contrarian. Those votes didn't prevent them from being rounded up and exterminated in gas chambers.

How Badly Will Trump's Mismanagement Of The Pandemic Hurt The Republican Party In November?

Starting To Lose My Temper by Nancy OhanianWriting for New York Magazine, Eric Levitz introduced his readers to a new study by political scientists Lynn Vavreck, Christopher Warshaw and Ryan Baxter-King who examined the political consequences of COVID-19 fatalities for Trump and other Republican candidates for federal offices.

When Will People Start Calling It What It Is-- Trump Genocide?

Poof! into thin air- by Nancy OhanianThere are a lot of ways to interpret the data Worldometers puts out on the pandemic. One that I find useful is to look at daily new cases, which generally track future mortality. Cases per million residents is also important since it's otherwise pointless to compare a state with very few people to a state with many millions of people.

The Threat of Annexation is far from Over

Annexation by Israel of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank was never likely to happen on July 1, as many observers assumed. The date was not a deadline; it was a window opened by the Israeli government to carry out annexation before US President Donald Trump leaves office.
Unhappily for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that window could slam shut in a matter of months, if current polling trends continue and Trump loses the presidential election in November.