Quibbling Over Cruelties: Human Rights Watch, Israel and Apartheid

Criticism of Israel’s policies towards Palestinians has always induced a defensive rage from its defenders and advocates.   A Threshold Crossed, a report by Human Rights Watch, lit several fires of rage and disapproval.  Israel, according to the authors, is responsible for apartheid policies. The word, and the application of its meaning, is immemorially nasty.  This […]

Israel soldiers diagnosed with cancer after work on Iron Dome, report says

MEMO | April 30, 2021 A group of Israeli soldiers said their army service near the Iron Dome missile defence systems has led them to be diagnosed with cancer, Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported. The paper said yesterday that the soldiers had been diagnosed with cancer towards the end of their military service, or several […]

Biden to uphold Western Sahara recognition for sake of Israel

Press TV – May 1, 2021 US President Joe Biden has reportedly decided to uphold the Trump administration’s controversial decision to recognize Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara. The recognition came as part of a deal with the despotic North African country to normalize relations with the Israeli regime. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken […]

A Brief History of Israeli Interventionism in Lebanon

Israel has a long-standing interest in Lebanon. These interests have periodically manifested themselves in bloody attacks against the small Arab state. Two important sources on the Zionist plans for Lebanon are the diary of Moshe Sharett, who was the Prime Minster of Israel in 1954-1955 and who was considered a “soft Zionist”, and Livia Rokach’s “Israel’s […]

There is no scientific foundation to the concept of Vaccine Passports: Doctors for Covid Ethics

By Oliver May • THE DAILY EXPOSE • April 29, 2021 Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors across Europe and North America, say studies on Covid-19’s closest-related virus to infect humans, SARS, revealed that those who had acquired natural immunity in 2003 remain protected even now. They also maintain that, even before the […]

Extremism is on the Rise in Israel

After neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville, North Carolina, and then President Donald Trump responded by saying there were “good people on both sides,” people who abhor white supremacism stood up, took notice, and condemned the marchers. Anti-racists would be wise to do the same about the far-right march that took place last week in Jerusalem. The situation in Jerusalem began with[Read More...]

Israel and Iran Tensions Spiraling into a Direct Confrontation

Against the background of a possible return of the United States to a “nuclear deal” with Iran, Tel Aviv has recently demonstrably intensified the actions of its intelligence services to undermine Tehran’s nuclear program and damage not only this industry, but the Islamic Republic as a whole. And at the same time, Israeli officials make […]