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KOL389 | Disenthrall, with Patrick Smith and Larken Rose: The Morality of Copyright “Piracy”

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 389. I appeared on Patrick Smith’s show Disenthrall last night (July 15, 2022), along with Larken Rose, to discuss the morality of piracy of copyrighted content. Larken had posted a video earlier the same day (see below) regarding the HBO series The Anarchists, where he criticized the libertarians who were […]

KOL388 | Cantus Firmus with Cody Cook: Against Intellectual Property

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 388. I was a guest on Cantus Firmus, with host Cody Cook (episode released July 8, 2022; recorded July 7, 2022) . We discussed IP etc. From his shownotes: Stephan Kinsella was my guest to talk about “intellectual property,” the concept that an individual’s ideas belong to them and should be […]

KOL387 | The Great IP Debate of 1983: McElroy vs. Schulman

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 387. This is a classic debate on intellectual property between Wendy McElroy and J. Neil Schulman† at the Libertarian Supper Club in Westwood (Los Angeles), California, in 1983. McElroy takes the anti-IP side and Schulman argues for IP. I don’t appear in this episode but I thought my listeners might […]

KOL386 | Toward Anarchy with Michael Storm: IP, Bitcoin, NFTs, Digital Ownership

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 386. I was a guest on Toward Anarchy with host Michael Storm on July 3, 2022. His shownotes (Youtube channel): Anarchist, Author, Lawyer, Electrical Engineer, Stephan Kinsella discusses the Economics and Morality of Intellectual Property with me. We’ll get into the value, subjective and objective, of Crypto-Currencies, NFTs and other […]

KOL384 | Freedom’s Phoenix with Ernie Hancock at PorcFest: Intellectual Property, Bitcoin, the Mises Caucus and the Reno Reset

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 384. My appearance on Ernie Hancock’s show at PorcFest 2022, recorded June 23, 2022. Episode. Related: KOL307 | Ernie Hancock Freedom’s Phoenix on IP in the Internet Age KOL272 | Ernie Hancock Freedom’s Phoenix on Reputation Rights, Defamation, IP KOL229 | Ernie Hancock Show: IP Debate with Alan Korwin KOL133 […]

Menger on Scarcity, Law and Property Rights

“Thus human economy and property have a joint economic origin since both have, as the ultimate reason for their existence, the fact that goods exist whose available quantities are smaller than the requirements of men. Property, therefore, like human economy, is not an arbitrary invention but rather the only practically possible solution of the problem […]

KOL381 | Twitter Spaces with Eric John: Intellectual Property History, Theory and Fallacies

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 381. This is my discussion with Eric John on Twitter Spaces, on June 18, 2022, about intellectual property—its genesis, common fallacies and misunderstandings, the labor theory of property, libertarian “creationism,” and so on. We discussed ownership of information and touched briefly on ownership of bitcoin. Related: Against Intellectual Property (including Selected Supplementary […]

KOL379 | Tom Woods Show Ep. 2145 – Does Intellectual Property Exist?

Kinsella on Liberty Podcast, Episode 379. This is my umpteenth appearance on the Tom Woods show: from Ep. 2145 Does Intellectual Property Exist? From his shownotes: Is it possible that we’ve been snookered into believing in a nonsensical concept? Is it possible to “own” an idea? Stephan Kinsella walks us through copyright, patent, trademarks, and […]