Russian epidemiologist also calls BS on COVID policy – [Video]

This from the Live 24 Russian Information Agency. What you are about to read is a translation of one of the many critical pieces with regards to the Russian Federation’s COVID-19 policy set. To give a bit of useful background about this to our readers: The Russian government is classed as a “Presidential Republic”, but this […]

These Contact Lenses Mistakes Could Seriously Damage Your Eyes

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns in a new report that people who wear contact lenses and don’t care for them properly risk developing serious infections.
About 41 million Americans wear contact lenses, and people get so used to having them in their eyes, they either forget about them or don’t believe they’re at risk for injury and infection if they don’t use them as directed.

96% of Deceased NFL Players Showed Signs of Brain Disease in New Study

Professional football players take some violent tackles. Their helmets are intended to protect them from immediate damage, but every hit rattles the brain inside the skull. Over time, trauma to the brain can add up to debilitating injury and disease. A new study on traumatic brain injury reveals the problem may be more widespread than health experts and players ever imagined.

5 Neat Avocado Oil Uses – A Nutritional and Beauty Supplement

Avocados are a superfood. They’re loaded with nutrients like vitamin K and folate, pantothenic acid, and vitamins B6 and C. They’re so purely good, they’re on the Top 10 list of first baby foods because avocado nutrition fits almost perfectly with a baby’s growing development. What’s more, there are many avocado oil uses anyone can use to both improve health and beautify.

Lawsuit Filed by Texas Family Injured in Fracking-Related Explosion Last Summer

Last August, Cody Murray and his father, Jim, went to investigate a pump house on Cody’s Perrin, North Texas, property when they saw water spraying from it. Built-up methane gas caused the water well to explode, sending flames 30 feet in both directions, catching Murray’s t-shirt to catch on fire and causing serious burns to his father, wife, and four-year-old daughter.