John Varoli: COVID-19 and Me, 18 Months Together. A Letter.

Meet John Varoli. He writes on Medium (or rather, he was writing on Medium until today.) He describes his work in this way: “Thanks for the interest in my article, which was originally published on my Medium account that I’ve had for over a year and which previously solely dealt with topics related to both American and Russian history. Given […]

UPDATE: Shooting at Great Mills High School stopped by prepared response

In the climate of school shootings, this event was all the more terrifying for the students at Great Mills High School in St Mary’s County in Maryland, a rural community about 60 miles from Washington D.C.
Shortly before 7.58am local time, senior Terrence Rhames, aged 18, was standing with friends in the hallway at the school before classes began, and he heard the crack of gunfire, which he recognized immediately. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a young girl fall to the floor.
The scene in the school was immediate fright, as the students fled the school very quickly.

BREAKING: Explosion in St. Petersburg injures at least 10

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1.7 Million Children Die from Environmental Pollution Each Year

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released some new statistics concerning the dangers posed by air pollution. According to the global health watchdog, environmental pollutants – including unsafe water, lack of sanitation, poor hygiene practices, indoor and outdoor pollution, and injuries – claim the lives of 1.7 million children under 5 years old each year. [1]
These numbers mean that pollutants are the cause of death for 1 in 4 children 1 month to 5 years old.

Cotton Swabs Send 3 Dozen Children to the ER Each Day

Doctors say you should never clean your ears with cotton swabs, but people reach for them anyway to scoop out the wax. According to the authors of a study in the Journal of Pediatrics, using cotton swabs to clean your ears can be dangerous, especially for children. In fact, use of these cotton swabs sends approximately 3 dozen children to the ER every day. [1]
Approximately 12,500 children under the age of 18 are treated in U.S. emergency departments for ear injuries each year, which amounts to about 34 visits per day.

Could Air Pollution Be Causing More Traffic Accidents?

Poor weather, cell phones, radios, alcohol, and jerks: we think of these as some of the most common causes of car accidents. However, scientists at the London School of Economics say that air pollution, of all things, should be added to that list.
Researchers say they looked at 5 years’ worth of data and found that when levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) rose just a microgram per cubic meter, the number of car crashes increased by 2%. [1]

Don’t Kill Yourself – or get Someone Killed – Playing Pokemon Go

Until a couple of days ago, I’d never heard of Pokemon Go. Now I can’t get away from the smartphone game, released July 6, but I haven’t played it, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it is. I feel old admitting it, but I had to look it up online for an explanation. Though if you have kids, you probably know more than I do.

Robotic Surgical Systems Linked to 144 Deaths, 1,000+ Injuries in 14 Years

(Natural Society) In the last 14 years, at least 144 people have died and more than 1,000 have been injured in the U.S. as a result of undergoing robotic surgery. [1]
The injuries, many of them fatal, were the result of broken instruments falling into patients’ bodies, electric sparks burning patients’ tissues, and system errors making surgical procedures take longer than planned.