Open Letter To Prime Minister Modi On The Sale Of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

To Shri Narendra D Modi Prime Minister of India Dear Shri Modiji, I write this letter to express my anguish as a concerned citizen of north Andhra Pradesh at the decision taken by the Central Government to privatise Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL)’s steel plant at Visakhapatnam by divesting 100% of its equity to private agencies. From a statement made[Read More...]

An Agenda for Food and Farming Based on Dominance and High Profits for a Few Has Powerful Promoters

In India there has been much discussion in recent times of the dangers of increasing corporatization of farming and food sectors. This is welcome, as there needs to be increasing public awareness of this harmful and high risk trend. In the course of this discussion the name of two billionaires  has been increasingly taken to such an extent that has[Read More...]

With Help and Understanding, Farmers Can Save Themselves and Also Save the World

From many parts of world there have been disturbing reports of not only increasing distress of farmers but also small and medium farmers being pushed towards loss of land and livelihood. At the same time that their numbers are increasing, the livelihood problems of rural landless people  are increasing in many contexts, worsening further in Covid times. A huge question[Read More...]

Stop The Sale of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

‘Public Sector on Sale’:Corporate Profits over National Interest and People’s Livelihoods !! NAPM supports the massive protests in Andhra, seeking withdrawal of Union Govt decision to privatize the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant 25th Feb, 2021: National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) stands in solidarity with the employees and workers of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd (RINL), commonly known as Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP)[Read More...]

Golwalkar and the Present Ruling Dispensation

During the struggle for India’s independence while the majority of Hindus, Muslims and people of all religions followed the path of Mahatma Gandhi, secular democratic nationalism, there were few whose origins were in the ideology of the declining sections of ‘Landlord-clergy’ alliance. They not only opposed the freedom movement but also played a supporting role to British policy of ‘Divide[Read More...]

India’s forever wars and forever warriors

India also has a powerful pro-American lobby clamouring for “forever wars”. Sinophobia feeds into it seamlessly. This lobby will only gain ascendancy, as India develops a defence industry and the corporate interests and their eventual nexus with the defence establishment come into full play, inevitably, in the domain of foreign and security policies. *** The Washington-based Quincy Institute, arguably the[Read More...]

Why Naxalites Should Also Opt for  Peaceful Path to Create A Better World and Country

The need for working with wider unity for creating a world based on justice and equality is increasing further in these troubled times. One reason is that the forces of inequality led by the biggest billionaires and multinational companies have become very strong. Secondly, the environmental crisis has taken life-threatening forms and to check this crisis a path of sustainable[Read More...]

Don’t be addict selling family silver: Goa Foundation on draft mining law amendment

A draft proposing amendments to the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957, was released on February 9, 2021 on the website of the Ministry of Mines seeking public comments until February 24. Just as the three new farm laws that are being vigorously opposed by farmers camping on the border of the national capital for nearly three months,[Read More...]

A People’s History of Struggle: Liberty or Lockdown

Colin Todhunter UK health minister Matt Hancock has warned the government’s timeline for unlocking coronavirus restrictions could be slowed as ministers remain “vigilant” against infection rates. What began in March 2020 as a three-week lockdown to ‘save the NHS’ has turned into a year-long clampdown on fundamental liberties with the spectre of freedom through vaccination …