Why Did Geetoshree Sandhya Mukherjee Decline The “Shree” Award?

Some, who do not know who the Legend Sandhya Mukherjee is, are wondering why she turned down the lowest of the Padma Awards, (“Shree”). A few Bhakts have gone to the extent of condemning her for declining the award. An erstwhile lifetime DD Sports Presenter, has, condemnably, termed it a fashion. For those of us, like myself, who happen to[Read More...]

Islam, Gender Justice and Role of Darul Qaza: Critical Analysis

  On 23rd January 2022, a public meeting was organized by the Kamsar-o-Bar’s region of the Muslim community (commonly known as Biradary) in Dildar Nagar, district Ghazipur (UP). In this meeting, formally Darul Qaza (it refers to home of judgment) office was inaugurated and a Qazi has been appointed by office bearers of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (IIMPLB)[Read More...]

Stay United Against State Repression

India is marking its 73rd Republic Day today. New Delhi is beautified for the celebrations. Armed troops parade the newly built central vista displaying their advanced weaponry and military capabilities while hundreds of people cheer them on. As a part of the Republic Day speech, the Prime Minister will yet again make some new promises amid the charade of accosting[Read More...]

Operation Samadhan – Prahar a genocidal military policy to break the people’s democratic resistance against corporate loot!

The History of Bastar is the history of struggles. Bastar put up stiff resistance to forces that wanted to exploit bastariyas land, life, natural resources and dignity. The Bhumkal rebellion of 1910 was one such rebellion which shook the British empire. Led by adivasi leader Gunda Dhur, people resisted the exploitation of forest and natural resources by the colonisers. From[Read More...]

Lok Morcha Punjab calls on building revolutionary Alternative and place no faith in Ruling class Parties 

Lok Morcha Punjab adressed a meeting in Teachers Home Bathinda, on January 22nd which was curtailed in terms of size because of covid restrictions. Still it was one of the most qualitative in projecting the democratic revolutionary alternative model to the people. It stressed on active political campaign, opposing slogan of boycott and participating in elections. Speakers touched upon the[Read More...]

Fables And Fantasies

These days one wakes up every morning to headlines about fresh ravages of COVID-19 and one more scandalous attempt by the government at the Centre to re-fashion history and public memory. There are certain common threads to the latter campaign. For one the desperate attempt to sift and sweep out the great contribution of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National[Read More...]

Communalism has overtaken the Constitution!

Most spheres of Indian politics have been tainted by communalism. Looking at the current political scene of the country, it seems that just as there is a consensus on neoliberalism among the political and intellectual elite of India, similarly a consensus has been made on communal politics or political communalism. Political parties, which are called secular, resort to communalism in[Read More...]

Drug mafia & role of private ports

The statement of APSEZ(Adani Ports) that it will not deal with the containers from Iran Pakistan, and Afghanistan inadvertently confirms the earlier transactions and raises suspicion that huge quantum of drugs might have gained surreptitious entry into our nation. At first instance Adani Ports said that it has no policing power, later it says that it does not want to[Read More...]

Republic Day, January 26, 1950: An Epic Journey of India’s  greatest generation   

As India is about to celebrate its 72nd Republic Day with pomp, pride, and parades, it is also time to rethink whether the country is living up to its constitution. India became a constitutional republic on January 26, 1950, replacing the colonial government act of India of 1935. It was a memorable day for all Indians who transformed their lives[Read More...]

 ‘Monika My Darling’  on Republic Day!

A GoI twitter release has a video of the Navy band playing, (With the ratings dancing to), the old hit movie tune, “Monika My Darling”, at the R-Day rehearsals. What a sight! This video will definitely give you goosebumps!🇮🇳 🇮🇳 Are you ready to witness the grand 73rd Republic Day celebrations with us? Register now and book you e-Seat today![Read More...]