US-Turkish terrorists use Obama’s gift to attack bus with 12 dead and 14 wounded in Syria

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator A Syrian military bus was attacked on Friday, which killed 12 soldiers and wounded 14, between the towns of Nubl and Al Zahra, west of Aleppo at 9:30 am. The attack was carried out by the Turkish sponsored ‘Sultan Shah’ terrorist group, which used a TOW anti-tank rocket. The […]

Turkey and Russia ready to face-off in Syria

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator   Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters on Saturday, that Turkey has banned all Russian planes, both military and civilian, from flying over Turkish airspace while going to Syria. This ban will remain for three months. The surprise move is seen as a bid to increase pressure on […]

NATO White Helmets follow al-Qaeda to Ukraine

Vanessa Beeley Four-hundred and fifty extremists from Idlib, north-west Syria have arrived in Ukraine according to Al Mayadeen. Hailing from Idlib – the “largest Al Qaeda haven since 9/11”-  these fanatics from various countries have been despatched to Ukraine to fight against the Russian forces that alongside the Syrian Arab Amy signified the end of …

Syrie : SitRep 115 avec Ayssar Midani (1er décembre 2021)

Syrie : SitRep 115 avec Ayssar Midani (1er décembre 2021). Au programme : – Les négociations sur le nucléaire iranien et leurs implications dans la région – L’aide humanitaire américaine : un cadeau empoisonné ? – Une base américaine dans la région de Hassaké attaquée par 5 missiles – Le processus de réconciliation nationale suit son cours à Deir Ez-Zor, […]

Syrie : SitRep 114 avec Ayssar Midani (17 novembre 2021)

Syrie : SitRep 114 avec Ayssar Midani (17 novembre 2021). Au programme : – Participation de la Syrie au Congrès de l’UNESCO à Paris – Prochain sommet d’Astana, à venir fin décembre au Kazakhstan – Visites de responsables iraniens, émiratis et russes en Syrie – Les préparatifs de la bataille d’Idlib continuent – Les kurdes syriens des FDS tentés de […]

On the Ground in Syria: Terrorist groups, Turkish threats & Russian overtures

Ibrahim Mohammad Wahdi Turkish threats of a wide-scale military operation in northern Syria and a Syrian-Kurdish approach under Russian auspices, while al-Julani continues his plan to control Idlib. * What follows is a detailed analysis of the terrorist groups and warlord factions involved in the occupation of north-west Syria and the interconnected Turkish neo-Ottoman agenda …

Bellingcat funded by US and UK intelligence contractors that aided extremists in Syria

Supposedly “independent” website Bellingcat raked in money from scandal-ridden Western intelligence firms that wreaked havoc – and reaped massive profits – in Syria. Since its launch in July 2014, the self-styled open-source investigations website Bellingcat has cemented itself as a darling of mainstream Western media, with its dives into alleged Syrian government chemical weapon attacks and Russian intelligence operations showered with praise, puff pieces, and glitzy awards. While vehemently insisting that it is independent of government influence, Bellingcat is funded […]

Syrie : SitRep 112 avec Ayssar Midani (1er octobre 2021)

Syrie : SitRep 112 avec Ayssar Midani (1er octobre 2021). Au programme : – Assemblée Générale de l’ONU : la Syrie multiplie les discussions bilatérales – Conséquences multiples de l’arrivée du pétrole iranien au Liban – Deera et son gouvernorat en voie de normalisation – Réouverture d’un passage frontalier entre la Syrie et la Jordanie – Procès de Netanyahou : […]

Syria’s so-called ‘cradle of the revolution’ has been liberated

Vanessa Beeley After three years of a fragile ceasefire and a campaign of assassinations of Syrian government ‘loyalists’ by embedded fundamentalist armed groups, the Syrian flag has once more been raised in Daraa Al Balad. Western media persists in portraying the emergence of extremist armed groups in Daraa, south of Damascus, as the “cradle of …