Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: Esoteric, Hermetic & Unorthodox Elements

 Nothing more American than a Sistine Chapel replica in a mall! This exhibit was worth seeing, however, due to the ability to stop and focus on the large to scale panels. We are able to deconstruct the esoteric and alchemical elements derived from the Renaissance era hermeticism obsessions. We see clearly an unorthodox theology […]

La Femme Nikita, Empty Man & Hardware – Jay Dyer & PsyOP Cinema

 Tonight my friends from PsyOp Cinema join me on my channel to cover a few odd selections I wanted their takes on. Recently I joined them on their podcast linked below to review the odd Jungian surrealist film, Come True. Here we will dive into Besson’s La Femme Nikita, the recent Empty Man, and […]
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Jay Dyer on Occult Ideology, our MKUltra Culture, the Film Come True (2020) – PsyOp Cinema

We talk with Jay Dyer, with discussion topics including the many elements of our culture that stem from MKUltra, the occult ideology of apotheosis, who exactly we mean when we refer to “the elites,” and the dream-themed 2020 horror film Come True. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives […]

The Secret Destiny of America – Manly P Hall Analysis & Critique – Jay Dyer (Half)

Jamie gives up a book report on her latest read – the well known classic text from mason Manly P Hall which gives the US a secret, force of “democracy’ destiny with an esoteric twist. Learn how Atlantis and Plato’s Republic form the basis for the sacred religion of democracy and its revolutionary faith underlie […]

Vedic Jesus? Gnostic Jesus? Who is the Real Jesus?

   Live at 745 PM CST tonight! A rising trend among disaffected moderns and dissidents is the attempt to recast Jesus into another kind of figure: a Hindu mystic sage!  As we will see, the approach of this new portrayal relies on a few ancient heresies reimagined.  Much like the “gnostic Jesus,” we will […]
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Debate Review & Reaction: Orthodox (Witcoff) VS. Gnostic (Leeds) – Jay Dyer

 Michael Witcoff (Orthodox) squared off recently in a debate with gnostic Mart Leeds33 on his channel concerning the “gnostic” worldview and its interpretation of Scripture compared to the Orthodox view of God, Scripture and history. We will probably only cover the first half but this will be a fun one. And yes, we will […]

Gnosticism, Scientism and The New Aeon – Jay Dyer & Fr Dcn Ananias Sorem

 Fr Dcn Dr Ananias Sorem joins me to cover his recent paper concerning scientism, gnosticism and technocracy.  We will look at the means by which modernity arrived at this new religion, it’s influences via hermeticism, cults, and the work of Voegelin on gnosis, and much more!  His channel is here. Live at 7PM CST  […]

Waking Life & A Scanner Darkly – Jay Dyer & Tristan Haggard

Jay and Tristan cover two well known Richard Linklater classics: Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. PKD plays prominently here, so we will touch on the esoteric, gnostic and dystopian sillycone valley elites and their longterm plans now coming to fruition. Linklater’s films, especially Waking Life, were/are hipster and Austin area favorites, featuring the one […]

Titanic and Avatar Symbolism – Hollywood Decoded

From the channel: “Titanic, Avatar – James Cameron – Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner draw a connection between The Titanic and Avatar movies by James Cameron, as an unfolding cautionary tale of rampant industrialism. Their examination of the Titanic sets up the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the corporate takeover of the world’s monetary […]
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The Matrix Trilogy – The Gnostic Ideas Hidden In The Movie

The Matrix movies presented a world overrun by a powerful A.I. with the only escape, to take the red pill and awaken into a harsh post-apocalyptic reality. Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner explore an analogy for the world we live in today as many people sleepwalk their way through life with only a few awakening […]
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