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THX 1138 & Demolition Man – Primal Edge Health & Jay Dyer

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In the next movie analysis stream we finally cover Long-requested analyses of THX 1138 and Demolition Man! The 70s meets 90s cheese in this dystopia fest that will blow the neon yellow out of your Snipes Fro and smear other such fluids all over your overalls, should you forget how to use the three sea shells.

George Lucas is a Genius & ‘REVENGE OF THE SITH’ May Be the Greatest Work of Art in Our Lifetimes…

So yesterday was Star Wars Day. I’m a day late, but I spent most of yesterday getting back to my foremost passion in life – defending the genius of George Lucas and trying to explain that he created one of the greatest and most under-appreciated works of art in all history. I could apply that […]

‘Cheating Death’: Can Dinosaurs Be Restored to Life Within the Next Decade…?

If the Jurassic Park  films have taught us anything, it’s that bringing dinosaurs back to life could potentially cause one or two itsy-bitsy problems. That’s only in a worst-case scenario, however. A renowned paleontologist has claimed for some time to be leading scientific/genetic research that could ultimately lead to dinosaurs being returned to some form […]

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – The Mammoth, Bumper-Sized Review…

I deliberately waited some time before attempting to write a review of Star Wars: Episode VII, as when it concerns something like Star Wars one really needs time to process their reaction before committing to a viewpoint. I also don’t like posting anything amid the flurry of knee-jerk reactions and reviews that accompany the release, […]