The Walk for Appalachia’s Future

From May 24th to June 4th, climate justice and social justice activists will be walking and riding from Charleston, West Virginia into southwest Virginia, down to Rockingham/Alamance counties in North Carolina, ending up in Richmond, Virginia. For most of the time the Walk for Appalachia’s Future will take place along the route of the planned […]
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U.S. Militarism’s Toxic Impact on Climate Policy

LONDON, ENGLAND: Protesters hold signs at the YouthStrike4Climate student march on April 12, 2019 in London, United Kingdom. Students are protesting across the UK due to the lack of government action to combat climate change. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) President Biden addressed the UN General Assembly on September 21 with a warning that the […]
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The Power Structure for Deadly Lag and the Prophetic Work of Unsung Heroes

Kicking life-saving solutions endlessly down the road is the mark of the brutish power of the corporations over the innocents. Fifty years ago, medical research warned about the overuse of antibiotics creating mutations of resistant bacterium, making these drugs less effective. Dr. Sidney Wolfe warned about this criminal negligence again and again, along with other […]

School Children, Fracking Fumes, Immigrant Parent’s Daughter, Climate Crisis and Billions of Dollar

Media reports from the U.S. tell about environmental incidents and hardship of the common people in the society. Fracking and Children A Fort Worth Star-Telegram report (Thousands of Arlington’s schoolchildren are exposed to fracking fumes, report warns, Thu, June 17, 2021) said: More than half of Arlington’s public school children attend classes within half a mile of a natural gas[Read More...]

Solidarity with Resistance to Extraction

People the world over are opposing fossil fuel extraction in an incalculable number of ways.  It is now clear that burning fossil fuels threatens millions of Life forms and could be laying the foundation for the extermination of Humanity.  But what about “alternative” energy?  As progressives stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those rejecting fossil fuels and nuclear […]
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No-Go Zone: A Few Steps Closer To Collapse

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Henrik cover some of the latest news and events in episode 53 of No-Go Zone.
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Massive Fracked-Gas Export Terminal Coming to Southern New Jersey

On December 9 a regional planning body, the Delaware River Basin Commission, gave a green light to a mammoth fracked-gas export terminal in Gibbstown, New Jersey.  It would export fracked-gas from the Marcellus Shale gas fields to Angola, among other countries.  The Governors of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey voted yay.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of […]

The Orange Menace Must Be Defeated-- Biden Needs To Rev Up The Democratic Base

I feel like Trump is slitting his own throat and, in fact, he's already a dead-man-walking in terms of the November election. That's my opinion and not everyone agrees with me. But polls show most voters have made up their minds and will not be swayed and a majority of them have made up their minds to oppose trump, whether they like Biden or not. In fact, stunning numbers of voters are just motivated to cast ballots against Trump, not for Biden.