US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Feedback from the Middle East

The hasty withdrawal of the US and its allies from Afghanistan, its impact on the neighboring and Middle Eastern states, and the possible scenarios of the situation are being vigorously commented on by the media in the Arab world. Most authors call this move a failure of Washington’s policy. According to the South Al-Iraq website, […]

Roman Catholicism, Islam & Greek Philosophical Presuppositions – Montana Lecture – Jay Dyer (Half)

 This is the first half of the Montanica Lecture I delivered covering the similarities and patterns in the divine simplicity doctrines of Roman Catholicism, Islam and Eunomius. We look at Actrus Purus, the divine ousia as seen in Eunomius Vs the Cappadocians, the doctrine of the energies and more! The full talk is available […]