The War for Kimchi, Episode X+1.

While periodically noting the pearls of South Korean nationalism, the author cannot help but bring up the analogy of the Russian-Ukrainian borscht dispute over Korean kimchi cabbage, which Seoul actively promotes as a national treasure and symbol. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a United Nations body, officially recognized an industry standard for kimchi in […]

Gnosticism, Scientism and The New Aeon – Jay Dyer & Fr Dcn Ananias Sorem

 Fr Dcn Dr Ananias Sorem joins me to cover his recent paper concerning scientism, gnosticism and technocracy.  We will look at the means by which modernity arrived at this new religion, it’s influences via hermeticism, cults, and the work of Voegelin on gnosis, and much more!  His channel is here. Live at 7PM CST  […]