Under Biden Federal Agencies Turned Into Instrument of Intimidation, FBI Whistleblower Says

By Ekaterina Blinova – Samizdat – 20.01.2023 The GOP-controlled House of Representatives has formed a judiciary subcommittee on the “weaponization of the federal government,” including law enforcement and national security agencies. FBI special agent Steve Friend explained to Sputnik what the trigger for the initiative, which has been compared with the famous Church Committee, was. […]

New York Post: Corrupt FBI could save Joe Biden in classified-docs scandal

New York Post, January 18, 2023 How a corrupt FBI could save Joe Biden in classified-docs scandal By James Bovard The White House is being whipsawed by the discovery of secret documents from President Joe Biden’s vice presidency recklessly stored around his garage, his Delaware house and his rented Washington office. The appointment of a […]

Lucid Summations When Tomorrow Is Today and MLK Day

What they [regular people] need, and what they feel they need, is a quality of mind that will help them use information and to develop reason in order to achieve lucid summations of what is going on in the world and what may be happening within themselves… what may be called the sociological imagination. – […]
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Twitter Files: US Government, Media Peddled Russia Bot Hoax Despite Pushback From Platform

Samizdat – 12.01.2023 WASHINGTON – US government officials and media outlets promoted conspiracies about Russian bot activity on Twitter despite pushback and evidence to the contrary from the social media company, reporter Matt Taibbi said on Thursday in the latest release of the so-called Twitter Files. In January 2018, Twitter users began posting the hashtag […]

Biden’s Toxic January 6th Demonology

Libertarian Institute, January 12, 2023 Biden’s Toxic January 6th Demonology by Jim Bovard | Last Friday, President Biden held a White House ceremony commemorating the second anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot. Biden showered a dozen Presidential Service Medals dozen people connected to the 2020 election or the January 6 events. Biden talked of […]
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Spies & Their Pride – Sure They Carry Out Espionage Against Russia?

America’s CIA, the FBI, and other powerful agencies of the U.S. have been under fire recently for a range of questionable acts being undertaken both inside and outside America’s borders. Recently,  the release of the so-called “Twitter files” seems to prove massive interference in social media from what’s come to be known as the “Deep State.” […]

Honored in Cuba and condemned by Washington, Ana Belén Montes walks free from federal prison

“I obeyed my conscience rather than the law,” ex-Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Ana Belén Montes declared on her way into a federal prison. Accused of spying for Cuba, she is a hero on the besieged island, where she foiled countless US destabilization operations. On January 8, 2023 the US has to release a federal prisoner who is known as one its most notable opponents of treatment of Cuba since its revolution. She is Ana Belén Montes, and she will be […]