JFK assassination at 60: Oswald ‘doubles’ show CIA hand in plot

The paper trail documenting Oswald’s look-a-likes may provide the best proof CIA elements orchestrated the JFK assassination plot. Few things unite Americans like the certainty that John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. This November 22, on the 60th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, polls show the overwhelming majority of US citizens do not believe accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted without accomplices. Many contend the Communist “lone nut” shooter was in fact merely an innocent “patsy”, […]

Visiting the Ghosts of Waco

Visiting the Ghosts of Waco by Jim Bovard | Nov 13, 2023 After decades of writing about the greatest atrocity of 1993, I finally visited Waco last week. I was traveling with a friend who was hepped up on seeing Waco’s most popular tourist site—Magnolia, a massive shopping complex spawned by an HGTV program on […]
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Shadow Armies Are Waging an Invisible War on Us All

The Global Information Battlefield and the Censorship Machine The world of psychological operations and information warfare is complex and often controversial. Our investigation explores the role of the United States government in this sphere, its partnerships with private enterprises and academia, and the emergence of a new Department of Defense (DOD) doctrine that views the Read More...

FBI = Following Biden’s Instructions?

FBI = Following Biden’s Instructions? by James Bovard Does “FBI” now stand for “Following Biden’s Instructions”? The FBI is doing backflips to boost Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Unfortunately, federal courts don’t recognize law enforcement shenanigans as a violation of the Voting Rights Act. The FBI is categorizing Donald Trump’s supporters as terrorist suspects, according to […]

Hounding the FBI and Other Ruckuses on the Brian Wilson Podcast

Back on the Brian Wilson Show for the “Two and Only” Weekly podcast — You can listen by clicking here –  where there are a bunch of other options for listening or downloading. https://brianwilsonwrites.substack.com/p/the-two-and-only-brian-wilson-… From Brian’s substack: Never Let A Good Crisis…etc. Talk show legend Brian Wilson and the Swamp’s “Least Wanted”, James Bovard, together […]

Whooping Up FBI’s Latest Mischief with Gardner Goldsmith on the David Knight Show

My old friend Gardner Goldsmith and I had fun recapping the FBI’s latest mischief on the David Knight Radio Show. We also talked about Thomas Macaulay and his forgotten lessons for freedom. 25 minutes at — INTERVIEW James Bovard: FBI Expands "Terrorist" Definition, Targets Trump Supporters In the process of expanding the FBI's reach against […]

A Message to Donald Rumsfeld’s Ghost About My Known Knowns

On February 12, 2002 at a Pentagon news conference, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked by Jim Miklaszewski, the NBC Pentagon correspondent, if he had any evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was supplying them to terrorists.  Rumsfeld delivered a famous non-answer answer and said: Reports that say that something hasn’t […]

Newsweek Exclusive: Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears

Trump supporters are being targeted by the FBI under the creation of a new category of domestic extremism. Trump supporters question the legitimacy of elections (in the past and going into the future), making them a "threat" to the federal system and the FBI, rather than a threat to national security and the country.