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Julian Assange and Our Impunity Democracy

Mises Institute, October 7, 2022 Julian Assange and Our Impunity Democracy by James Bovard On Saturday, protests supporting Julian Assange will occur around the world. In London, Assange supporters will link arms around the parliament building. Protests will also occur outside the Justice Department headquarters in Washington (I’ll be one of the speakers), D.C., and […]

Roger Waters calls for freeing Julian Assange at DOJ rally

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal joined Waters and other speakers in front of the Department of Justice in Washington DC to demand the US drop its charges against the Wikileaks founder. Video and photos by Ford Fischer of News2Share and Consortium News. Max Blumenthal followed Waters by excoriating the mainstream press for betraying Assange and thereby abandoning the cause of press freedom. Blumenthal also highlighted recent FBI misdeeds past and present, framing them as part of the national security state’s undemocratic […]

CovertAction Bulletin: Everything you need to know about the Espionage Act & Trump – with John Kiriakou

After news broke of the investigation into Trump under the Espionage Act, we reached out to speak with Espionage Act expert, John Kiriakou to tell us what the act is about and who is really punished under it. John is a member of the Editorial Board of CovertAction Magazine and was himself charged and sent to prison under the Espionage Act for exposing the CIA’s torture program.

Guerre des drones : Le lanceur d’alerte Daniel Hale explique sa crise de conscience

L’ancien analyste des renseignements de l’armée de l’Air américaine est la première personne à être condamnée pour une infraction selon l’Espionage Act de l’administration du président Joe Biden. Source : Consortium News, Brett Wilkins Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises Le 27 juillet 2021, Daniel a été condamné à 45 mois de prison pour […]

Julian Assange et l’Espionage Act (4/6) : Pendant la Guerre chaude et froide

Quatrième partie d’une série de six articles sur Julian Assange et l’Espionage Act. Source : Consortium News, Joe Lauria Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises À quelques exceptions près, les journaux américains se sont volontairement autocensurés pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale avant que le gouvernement ne le leur dicte. Pendant la guerre de Corée, […]

Read drone whistleblower Daniel Hale’s riveting letter to judge describing why he ‘came to violate the espionage act’

“The truest truism that I’ve come to understand about the nature of war is that war is trauma,” Daniel Hale wrote. This article was originally published at The Dissenter. Subscribe here. As the President Joe Biden winds down United States military involvement in Afghanistan, a conflict spanning nearly 20 years, the U.S. Justice Department seeks the harshest sentence ever for the unauthorized disclosure of information in a case against an Afghanistan War veteran. Daniel Hale, who “accepted responsibility” for violating […]

In Pre-Sentencing Letter, Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Says Crisis of Conscience Motivated Leak

"I came to believe that the policy of drone assassination was being used to mislead the public that it keeps us safe... I began to speak out, believing my participation in the drone program to have been deeply wrong."
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Espionage Act Reform Bill Would Protect Journalists Like Julian Assange

Shadowproof — Under legislation proposed in Congress, the United States government would not be able to prosecute journalists like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who publish classified information.
Democratic Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Ro Khanna introduced the Espionage Act Reform Act to reaffirm “First Amendment protections for journalists” and ensure “whistleblowers can effectively report waste, fraud, and abuse to Congress.”