Earth Changes

Why Did Bill Gates Make Sudden U-Turn On Climate Doom Narrative?

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News: Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and climate alarmist Bill Gates has backtracked on ‘climate doom’ prophecies. The writing is on the wall for the political and financial elites, who have long championed imminent climate doom, realizing that the public sees through the charades.  In 2021, Gates previously warned about apocalyptic consequences […]

Here’s the Climate Dissent You’re Not Hearing About Because It’s Muffled by Society’s Top Institutions

by John Murawski, Real Clear Wire: As the Biden administration and governments worldwide make massive commitments to rapidly decarbonize the global economy, the persistent effort to silence climate change skeptics is intensifying – and the critics keep pushing back.  This summer the International Monetary Fund summarily canceled a presentation by John Clauser, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who publicly […]


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Top Climate Scientist Blows Whistle: Wildfires Are Caused by Humans, Not ‘Global Warming’

by Frank Bergman, Slay News: A leading climate scientist has spoken out to reveal that “certain narratives” claiming “global warming” is causing an increase in wildfires around the world are false. Patrick T. Brown, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and doctor of Earth and climate sciences, has blown the whistle to warn the public […]

Dengue Outbreak In Bangladesh Is Being Blamed On “Climate Change”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan: It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the ruling classes are blaming all disease and plandemics on “climate change.” Bangladesh’s dengue fever outbreak is the “canary in the coal mine” as far as The World Health Organization is concerned. The rulers will need to steal more of the slave […]

Top Climate Scientist Reveals the Key Fact He Deliberately OMITTED In “Climate Change” Paper to Pacify Woke Editors and Get His Paper Published in Top Scientific Journal

by Cullen Linebarger, The Gateway Pundit: A prominent climate scientist has come forward and admitted his role in deceiving the public on “climate change.” At the same time, he also exposed the inordinate power woke editors at scientific magazines have over the careers of actual scientists. Patrick T. Brown, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University […]

Is BlackRock rebranding ESG as climate-related risks?

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News: Earlier this month, American rating agency Standard & Poor Global (“S&P Global”) announced it had dropped its use of environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) scores in assessing corporate borrowers, an initiative launched in 2021. S&P said the ESG ratings had not been accepted by its customers.  Critics have dubbed the practice as “woke […]