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Quitting is a Mental Health Decision

Well well, some of us try-try. We end up having to take pittance jobs, with pitiful nonprofits, where the bottom line is, well, poverty pimping. So in a time of Covid Capitalism, in a time of quick silver circling the drain, quitting after 5 weeks on the job may appear rash, or self-defeating. But here […]
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One Degree of Separation: There Will be Parasitic Capitalism’s Blood

This year’s NDEAM theme is prescient: “America’s Recovery – Powered by Inclusion.” October 2021. The power of acceptance in this diverse world will follow the arc of social justice; however,  it’s a long journey, still, in 2021. When I was 15, I had to do community service for ripping through the Tucson desert with my unlicensed motorcycle […]

American Exceptionalism: Private Wealth and Public Squalor

A December 2017 statement from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights notes that, while the US manages to spend “more [money] on national defence than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France, and Japan combined”, US infant mortality rates were, as of 2013, “the highest in the developed world”. […]

Dreams Outside the Hopes of the Neuronormal

The legacy of a society is, well, how it treats its young, old, frail, infirm, sick, poor and those hobbled by structural and environmental injustice. Some in urban planning circles also allude to how safe a community is based on the popsicle test – can a child or two walking from home to a store, […]
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Three Meals a Day, a Place to Call Home, Pulling Your Own Weight: Employment for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The great leveler for those children with developmental and intellectual disabilities (I/DD) is they end up being born into families comprising of every ethnic, religious, cultural and economic origin and background.
Obviously, for parents, the challenge is living in a go-go-go society where physical prowess, drop-dead looks, and PhD smarts are valued over anything else.
“Having a child with a developmental disability is like having your brain rewired,” said Arc of Spokane’s Brian Holloway. “It forces this philosophical crisis in your life.”

EU Safety Institutions Caught Plotting an Industry “escape route” Around Looming Pesticide Ban

By Jonathan Latham, PhD EU documents newly obtained by the nonprofit Pesticide Action Network of Europe reveal that the health commission of the European Union (DG SANCO), which is responsible for protecting public health, is attempting to develop a procedural “escape route” to evade an upcoming EU-wide ban on endocrine ...