La Femme Nikita, Empty Man & Hardware – Jay Dyer & PsyOP Cinema

 Tonight my friends from PsyOp Cinema join me on my channel to cover a few odd selections I wanted their takes on. Recently I joined them on their podcast linked below to review the odd Jungian surrealist film, Come True. Here we will dive into Besson’s La Femme Nikita, the recent Empty Man, and […]
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Demonic Delusion: The Dark Side, Fear & Self-Deception – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Today I want to discuss the dark truths around the notions of delusion and self-deception. How is it possible to deceive ourselves? Do demons play a role in this process? What about drugz and the use of hallucinog3ns to achieve access to other realms, dimensions and illumination? Is there a progress into a demonic […]

Demons & the Demonic Realm – Jay Dyer

 Today we will cover a highly confused topic that often brings quesrtions: Who are the demons and where do they come from?  What about the angels?  Can they be “saved”?  Are the demons all the same, or do they have a hierarchy?  Is Satan Lucifer?  Do they inspire false sects and religions, including idolatry? […]
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Serial Killers, Mind Control & Occultism – Pt. 2: Saville, Gacy & More! (Half)

 Yes, I know Saville is not technically a serial killer but he is included here because of his close connection to multiple serial killers as a key go-between.  We will cover the overview information relating to Gacy in Clown and Candyman connecting him to Norman and Paske, as well as McGowan’s analysis.  Depending on […]

Atheism And Luciferianism Dismantled – Jay Dyer on Inf0Warz

Hosting the 4th hour of the hAlex J0nez Show again, I cover Fr. Seraphim Rose’s famous book Nihilism, which captures the spirit of our age.  Nihilism is an outworking of atheism, and the further stages of the social rejection of God and even reason itself.  When God is rejected, “reason” becomes the next deity, but that false god soon falls as well.   In this improv lecture I outline real philosophy and objectivity over against relativism and materialism.


Fatima, Forgeries, Frauds & Fantasies: Jay Dyer / Snek / George (Free Half)

Tonight we cover the long list of papal forgeries long used for centuries to back up the more absurd papal claims, such as universal temporal and *monetary* supremacy.  We will look at the more well known examples like the Donation of Constantine, as well as lesser known documents, and in part 2 touch on Fatima and other so-called “apparitions” which now replace the  authentic direct experience of God with superstition and histrionics.  The full talk is available for subscribers to

Luciferian Cults – Illuminate Confirm – Jamie Hanshaw (Half)

Jamie joins me to discuss the works of Kerth Barker, as we examine the nature of modern Luciferian movements behind the UN and worse.  In fact, the claims of Barker extend to predicting years ago the inversion we see nowadays, including kannibalism.  We cover the notion of the left hand all the way to the 8mm level stuff, if you think of the Nic Cage film.