INVERSION: God, the Devil & Playa Hater YouTube Drama! Sam Tripoii + Jay Dyer (Half)

Jay and Sam take a more serious approach and discuss the reality of spiritual warfare, subversion and the coopting of movements by the establishment. Sam discusses how canc3l culture and haters try to ruin careers but lose in the end. The full chat is available on Rokfin here at Sam’s channel discussing spirituality: Remember […]

The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, 1408, Gerald’s Game & The WORST Stephen Kings (Half)

 The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, Christine, Tommyknockers, Sometimes They Come Back….Again – we will be covering a couple really bad Stephen Kings and a few really good Stephen Kings. This will be a fun one as we analyze the dark, esoteric sides of these films and stories, as well as the absurd and the […]

WEIRD B Horror Movies! The Brood, Spellbinder, 18th Angel & Parents!

Continuing Spooktober, we dug out some gems related to Halloween: a choice selection of Cronenberg’s The Brood, a rare Rachel Leigh Cook premier in 18th Angel, Spellbinder (a B version of Eyes Wide Shut), and a Jamie classic, Parents starring Mr. Quaid about eating people. These are gems in the cavernous abyss of bad horror […]

Demonic Delusion: The Dark Side, Fear & Self-Deception – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Today I want to discuss the dark truths around the notions of delusion and self-deception. How is it possible to deceive ourselves? Do demons play a role in this process? What about drugz and the use of hallucinog3ns to achieve access to other realms, dimensions and illumination? Is there a progress into a demonic […]

The Night House (2021) EXPLAINED! The Plot IS the Maze – Jay Dyer

The Night House is an excellent psychological/supernatural thriller recently released that hearkens to Twin Peaks and/or Hereditary. The plot leads us down many corridors and maze-like traps like the imagery in the film. The plot itself is a maze, and was executed perfectly, as well as striking, ethereal cinematography.   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase […]

Disney’s Cruella: The Fragmentation of a Generation’s Psyche

By: Jay Dyer Possibly no domain of culture is more openly degenerate and hellish than modern “fashion,” and when Disney presents a film on the “fashion” industry (which I have zero interest in), I knew what to expect.  Not only was this film partially about the “Illuminati” dominated fashion industry, the film was actually about […]

UFO Alien PSYOP – Close Encounters & The Fourth Kind Explained – Jay Dyer + Tristan

 Jay and Tristan will deconstruct Close Encounters and a recent film with a related theme starring Milla Jovovich, Fourth Kind, which has the theme of the demonic. Both films are unique in their own way for insights into the alien UFO deception and the relationship to the shadow gubmint and the manipulation of worldviews. […]

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Satanic Altar: Sons of Sam Connection – Part 3 (Half)

 Today we move to part 3 of the serial killers, mind control and occultism series that ties the big names to the power elite, organized crime, cults, government projects and black ops, contract k1llers and even the world of entertainment.  Next in our list is the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer and even a connection between […]