COVID-19 Vaccine

BMJ: “We need RCT gold standard to study misinformation & vaccine hesitancy on social media”

HART Rapid Response to BMJ Health Advocacy & Recovery Team | May 28, 2023 The BMJ published an article on 5 May entitled We need a gold standard for randomised control trials studying misinformation and vaccine hesitancy on social media. This lends yet more weight to the thesis set out in our article relating current events to the […]

Is this a War?

Resetting the relationship between The State and The Citizen LIES ARE UNBEKOMING | NOVEMBER 6, 2021 I’ve been wondering for quite some time about whether we are in a War and the resolution of my thoughts on the subject has recently improved. Oddly enough, I have some standing on the subject. I lived in Iraq […]

Former CBC reporter says outlet suppressed negative stories about COVID shots, lockdowns

By Anthony Murdoch | LifeSiteNews | May 25, 2023 OTTAWA, Ontario – A former journalist who worked for the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) shockingly revealed that reporters were stopped from being able to cover stories critical of COVID vaccines and lockdowns, and were instead encouraged to push government “propaganda.”  The shocking revelations were made […]

The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery

By Julie Sladden| Brownstone Institute | MAY 27, 2023 In 1928 scientist Alexander Fleming returned to his laboratory after a 2-week holiday. A petri dish of bacteria accidentally left on the lab bench, somehow became cross-contaminated with Penicillium notatum mould. Fleming noticed the mould inhibited the growth of the bacteria. This accidental discovery marked the […]

FDA Finds Evidence of Serious Safety Signal for COVID Vaccines in Young Kids — Says It Proves Shots Are ‘Safe’

By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. | The Defender | May 25, 2023 Children ages 12 to 17 who received the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine face a heightened risk of heart inflammation, according to a new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study. But because the study only identified a safety signal for two heart conditions — myocarditis and […]