COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Paul Alexander explains how we were lied to with malice aforethought

Intro by Jon Davy This short, powerful video is damning. Here is YET ANOTHER of a liberation army of medical professionals speaking out how we were lied to with malice aforethought. As a result of these deliberate calculated efforts to deceive the public, millions were cajoled, bullied or frightened into submitting to injection with biochemical […]

Australia’s excess death toll just keeps getting worse

By Dr Ah Kahn Syed | Arkmedic’s blog | August 27, 2022 The Australian Bureau of Statistics just released its latest all-cause mortality statistics which are about 3 months behind real time. It paints a horrific picture of the effects of public health policy with around 15,000 excess deaths since October 2021 (the red shaded area represents […]

Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | August 28, 2022 In yet another sign that the covid vaccination agenda of globalist institutions did not do quite as well as they had originally hoped, the Rockefeller Foundation has revealed that it (along with other non-profits) has been pumping millions of dollars into a behavioral science project […]

The narrative managers have done their best to memory-hole the Nurenberg Codes

By Helen of desTroy | August 28, 2022 You would be forgiven for not knowing that last Friday was the 75th anniversary of the Doctors’ Trial, one of 13 Nazi war crimes trials conducted at Nuremberg after World War II and the event that birthed the Nuremberg Codes, the most important medical ethics document of the […]

The only school district in the US to require public school covid vaccinations just caved

Muriel Bowser’s Washington DC stunt has imploded By Meryl Nass, MD | August 27, 2022 The criminal imposition of mandates to force children to get COVID vaccinations was floated in many school districts, especially those on the woke west coast. The reason I say it is criminal is because neither the manufacturers nor the USG are […]

Exhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination

eugypius | August 27, 2022 Excess mortality in Germany 2020–2022 is a preprint by Christof Kuhbandner (a psychologist at Regensburg) and Matthias Reitzner (a statistician at Osnabrück) that applies sophisticated actuarial analysis to the publicly available all-cause mortality data provided by the German government. It turns out that when you account for historical mortality trends, the […]

If It’s Okay for Mice, It’s Good Enough for People, Right?

By Madhava Setty, M.D. | The Defender | August 26, 2022 Its audacity on full display, Pfizer — arguably the most criminal corporation in history — has asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to greenlight its new bivalent COVID-19 vaccine that targets the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants for people 12 and older “to help […]

Norwegian Schools Are Disseminating Government-Approved Covid Misinformation

BY KATHRINE JEBSEN MOORE | THE DAILY SCEPTIC | AUGUST 26, 2022 Who needs conspiracy theorists when you’ve got school books teaching children that Covid vaccines are “95% effective”? This autumn, a new school book was introduced for the ninth grade in Norway. Fabel 10 was revised in 2021/22, but has only now been introduced in schools […]

As COVID Vaccine Injuries Pile Up, It’s Worth Remembering: Medicine Is a Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

The Defender | August 24, 2022 In his 1974 book and accompanying article with the shared title of “Medical Nemesis,” philosopher and theologian Ivan Illich boldly asserted that medical professional practice and related health policies, which he characterized as “both industry and religion,” had become “a major threat to health.” Leading medical figures such as Richard Smith, a […]