Bombshell Lawsuit Links J&J’s Baby Powder to Cancer

A jury in St. Louis has ordered pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to pay damages of $72 million to the family of a woman dead from ovarian cancer following her prolonged use of their personal care products containing talcum powder.
This class-action suit is one of two filed in 2014, both of which claimed the use of J&J’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products were responsible for giving women ovarian cancer.

Dow Chemical to Pay $835 Million Due to Lost Connection in Supreme Court

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia has recently passed away, an event that may actually make it a little harder for guilty corporations to get away with slimy tactics.
Now that the defender of Big Corporations who steal and lie their way through court is gone, what will companies like Dow Chemical do? Notorious for his defense of companies like Dow, Antonin Scalia’s death leaves a legacy of corporate chicanery in question.

Sad News: Organic Farmer Suffering from GMO Contamination Dismissed by Court

After a six-year legal battle GMO crop contamination, organic farmer Steve Marsh has lost his bid for a higher court to hear his case and the appeal which would have allowed him the chance to argue his side one final time.
Michael Baxter, Steve Marsh’s neighbor in Australia, grew genetically modified canola on his farm, but it wasn’t long before his crops contaminated Steve Marsh’s organic farm. Baxter says that the two men could have just had a conversation over the fence, but now it seems this legal battle is coming to a close, in Baxter’s favor.

Child Slaves Receive Favorable Supreme Court Ruling Against Nestle, Others

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a lawsuit filed by former child slaves who once worked for Nestle. The court’s decision finalizes a lower court’s prior ruling, which Nestle previously attempted to overturn in an attempt to halt legal ramifications from individuals who worked in the African cocoa trade as children. In other words, Nestle failed in crushing a lawsuit that will hold the company liable for using child slave workers.

Pharmaceutical Company Misleads Consumers, Caught in Painkiller Scam

Drug giant Reckitt Benckiser has been ordered by the Australian Federal Court to pull its so-called “targeted” ibuprofen products off the shelves after the company admitted that these were identical to the standard tablets. Marketed under the name Nurofen, all products contained 200mg of ibuprofen, whether they were labelled as “standard,” “migraine,” “period pain,” or “back pain.”

California Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Falsely Labeled Organics

In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court of California has made it clear that consumers have a right to file lawsuits if a company claims their products are organic, but do so falsely. The decision overturned a lower courts’ ruling that consumers could not file lawsuits of this nature based on federal law which “supersede a state’s legislation.”