HOLD-UP : Débat sur W9 avec Pierre Barnérias et Rudy Reichstadt

Enfin un débat contradictoire sur le documentaire controversé Hold-Up ! Dans "COMPLOTS VERITES ou MENSONGES" sur W9, Stéphanie Renouvin a organisé un débat entre, d'un part, Pierre Barnérias, réalisateur du documentaire Hold-Up, accompagné du Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, chercheuse et enseignante à la Faculté de médecine de l'université de Genève et de Lausanne, et, d'autre part, trois contradicteurs : Rudy Reichstadt, auteur de L'Opium des imbéciles, fondateur du site (...)


Unthanksgiving, Iran, Monolith in Utah & Asians Joins Club White - FF Ep102

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Henrik and Lana cover the latest news.
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North Korea? No Canada! Government bullies sledge hammer Canadian small business

“The BBQ Uprising will be remembered in history” | Joe Warmington with David Menzies Is it any wonder that Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly banned members of the mainstream media from stepping foot upon his property? After all, these journalists have been cheering on the authorities, encouraging them to shut down this restaurateur and punish […]

Neuropsychological lens of COVID-19

Co-Written by Disha Malik,  Shubhangi Kandwal, Upasna Gaba and Dr. Swati Sapna COVID-19 outbreak was notified as the Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO.  COVID-19 has spread to countries, territories, or areas around the world. Knowing the seriousness of the situation, all nations started taking steps towards the detection of the virus as well as preventing the spread[Read More...]