Children in Police Watch Houses: A Nasty Queensland Experiment

They really are a brutal lot.  While the Queensland Labor Government croons on matters regarding rights, liberties and, it should be said, the plight of the First Nations Peoples, its policy, notably on youth detention, is a contradictory abomination.  This situation finds itself repeated across the country, though the Sunshine State, as it is sometimes […]

Build the Unity of the Youth of the World

Angela Davis with DDR Minister of Education Margot Honecker and Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, East Berlin, 1973. Credit: ADN-Bildarchiv. From 28 July to 5 August 1973, eight million people, including 25,600 guests from 140 countries, participated in the 10th World Festival of Youth and Students in East Berlin (German Democratic Republic or DDR). The festival […]

Authoritarian Sadism in U.S. “Foreign Policy” (Part 1)

Freudian depth-psychology remains an under-utilized tool in interpreting motivation and personality of recent American “leaders”  who have chosen to deploy massively destructive military force on large civilian populations in places like Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  A president may deny (or repress) his own destructive hostility, projecting it onto “the other.”  Splitting-and-projection readily enables a clear […]

No Child Was Safe around Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs

Anyone watching Sound of Freedom might wonder how such evil has become so embedded in human culture. One method involves the world of “entertainment” and the individuals we’re conditioned to view as heroes. For example, below you will find a brief glimpse at two writers who enjoy places of honor in the American literary canon. […]

Aussie cops paid $1300 to identify as “gender neutral” – Teen girls in UK say NO to “trans” lies – And yes, they ARE coming for your children

According to this article (sent to me by Allyn in New Zealand), “the number of Victoria Police employees self-identifying as ‘gender neutral’ has more than quadrupled since last year as the force confirms it is investigating reports some of its officers are gaming the HR system in order to gain an extra $1300 a year.” […]

NYC Drag Marchers: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!”

So… participants in NYC’s June 23 “Drag March” chanted: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!”  (Watch a short clip right here) I get it that, for some of those marchers, this was a tragically failed attempt at “satire” in response to (accurately) being called groomers. For others, it was a legitimate, unabashed […]

Exposing Israel’s Abuse of Palestinian Child Detainees

CJPME is proud to publish its latest analysis, “Heartbreaking Disparity: Child Detainees in Canada vs. Israel.” The report exposes the cruel and discriminatory treatment that Palestinian child detainees face in Israel’s military court system, and provides a call for action to protect and uphold their rights. The report is unique in how it compares Canada’s […]

5 Questions for Drag Queens and their Enablers

Questions provoked by the widespread decision to expose young children to drag performances: 1. Why are prepubescent children being taught about sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation? It’s one thing if a child has same-sex parents and other kids ask questions about it. Some basic details should be shared. Beyond that, why would a 6-year-old […]
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“Trans” vs. Children

Using GoFundMe for their “gender-affirming” surgeries   You may wonder if the “trans” madness is as nefarious and widespread as some say. To help address that contemplation:   Click here to see the deluded and manipulated souls seeking “bottom surgery.”   Click here to see the deluded and manipulated souls seeking “top surgery.”   You […]
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