In Memory of Childhoods Stolen

Last week, as the International Court of Justice heard South Africa’s case of genocide against Israel, we put the scale of the atrocities in perspective by visualizing how many buses it would take to carry the Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces in Gaza. We dedicated this visual to Dunia Abu Mohsen, whose first name […]
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Jesus, Gaza, and the Murder of Useless People

Jesus was a Palestinian Jew born in Bethlehem.  He grew up in Nazareth and was executed as a criminal in Jerusalem. It is because of him that we celebrate Christmas.  But it is in spite of him that what we celebrate is the opposite of what he stood for. The different stories of his birth, […]
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Against the Cult of the Child

I recently witnessed the birth of one of my relative’s daughter. The entire event was bathed in a spiritual halo. The relative’s tormented screams – likened by a person to an animalistic agony – were supposedly neutralized by the prayer which she was loudly reciting. When the baby finally came out, everyone was thankful to […]
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Your Enemies Destroyed One Palestine; My Wounds Populated Many Palestines

Malak Mattar (Palestine), A Life Stolen Before It Had Begun, 2023. The indecency of the phrase ‘humanitarian pause’ is obvious. There is nothing humanitarian about a brief interlude between bouts of horrendous violence. There is no true ‘pause’, merely the calm before the storm continues. We are witnessing the bureaucratisation of immorality, the use of […]

Predicting Pestilence

Speaking from a hospital ward about 50 meters from where a bomb had just exploded, UNICEF spokesperson James Elder raised his voice over sounds of children screaming. In a video posted on Twitter/X he emphasized that Gaza’s health care system is overwhelmed. Pointing at children packed into the ward of a hospital he said was operating […]
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Israel’s Genocidal Antisemitism Against the Arab Civilians of Gaza

“It should never have happened,” an elderly Holocaust survivor of a Nazi death camp told the New York Times. He was referring to the colossal failure on October 7, of Israel’s touted high-tech military and intelligence operations that opened the door to Hamas’ attack on Israeli soldiers and civilians. In many parliamentary countries, the government ministers […]

Government of Canada’s Values on Display

"Canada unequivocally condemns Hamas’ attack against Israel – and we stand united with the Israeli people. That was the message I shared with Ottawa’s Jewish community and everyone at yesterday’s solidarity gathering." -- Canada PM Justin Trudeau, 10 October 2023

"No. You endorsed [Israel's] violence against Palestinians in Gaza. You attended a pro-war rally to call for more killing of Palestinians who’ve repeatedly been subject to [Israel's] “mowing the lawn” over the past 15 years. Shameful." -- Canadian writer Yves Engler in response, 10 October 2023

Do We Know What We Mean When We Say “Terrorist”?

What is a terrorist? Seriously. I’m asking. Per the Oxford Dictionary, terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. So it makes sense that we would regard the murder of at least 260 attendees of the Supernova music festival in southern Israel as terrorism. It […]