Dangerous Gaps: Knowledge, Action, and Justice

[Prefatory Note: The following essay was published on the website of This View of Life (TVOL) <>, which brings to bear the views of science and evolutionary biology on a series of global challenges increasingly overwhelming the capabilities of civilizational modernity. A series of related articles can be found on the TVOL website. My essay […]

Privatizing Nature

The financial wizards of Wall Street have devised a new way to profit from Mother Nature. They’ve created a class of stocks called Natural Asset Companies that will control the earth’s resources such as water, wildlife, forests, minerals, and farmland. The project was developed by the Intrinsic Exchange Group in partnership with the New York Stock Exchange, the Inter-American Development[Read More...]

Peru, Honduras, Chile and Challenges before the Latin American New Left

A New Left Resurgence ‘Leftists are Ascendant in Latin America as Key Elections Loom‘ announces a recent report in New York Times. And this report isn’t talking only of Leftist victories of the last two years but also of possible forthcoming ones in Brazil and Colombia, later this year. ‘Economic suffering, widening inequality, fervent anti-incumbent … Continue reading Peru, Honduras, Chile and Challenges before the Latin American New Left →

Think Big to Overcome Losing Big to Corporatism

The progressive citizen groups, that in the sixties and seventies, drove through Congress the key environmental, worker, and consumer legislation, since unmatched, must feel nostalgic. Those were the years when legislation throwing cruel companies on the defensive was signed by arch-corporatist, President Richard Nixon, because he read the political tea leaves. These bills included the […]

Before and Without Marx

Some peoples possess shamans to explain how the world works. We have charlatan economists and politicians posing as intellectuals who claim to be able to reveal the mystery of running society. The ideas of Marx did not arise out of thin air but grew from the works of many others before him. But the purpose of this short essay […]
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Capitalists Are Dispensable, Laborers Are Not

If you set to work to believe everything, you will tire out the believing-muscles of your mind, and then you’ll be so weak you won’t be able to believe the simplest true things. — Lewis Carroll1 Capitalists—qua owners of capital—are dispensable, but laborers are not. This thesis flows from a neglected asymmetry between capitalists and […]
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Charter School Corruption Will Increase in 2022

While corruption and fraud have been widespread and relentless in the charter school sector for several decades, both appear to be increasing with each passing year.1  The year 2022 promises to bring even more corruption and scandal to this crisis-prone sector that is rapidly undermining public schools and lowering the level of education in society. […]
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Naked @ Work – the Neoliberal Workplace

By Thomas Klikauer and Meg Young It is no longer uncommon to hear people saying, I love my work. Is this just the latest stage of capitalism getting us to work harder so that someone else benefits? Historically, it all started when former peasants were – at times, with brutal force – converted into workers. It was the time when capitalism quite literally was Making[Read More...]

A New Path for Economics

Steve Keen’s book, The New Economics: A Manifesto (2021), offers a new path for economics, and for good reason. In his view, neoclassicism, the paradigm that rules modern-day economics, has become a serious menace: I regard Neoclassical economics as not merely a bad methodology for economic analysis, but as an existential threat to the continued […]
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