Condemn latest Israeli attack on Gaza, Canadian complicity

Israel has attacked Gaza again and it’s time Canadians understood their country’s contribution to the brutal treatment of those living in the 360 square kilometre strip of land. Today Israel killed at least 10, including a five-year-old girl, in Gaza. Seventy-five more Palestinians were injured in the latest outburst of Israeli violence. Most of those […]

Canada’s “Jekyll-and-Hyde” Masquerade as Nation that Supposedly Supports Pacifism and Progressive Principles

[Source: Justin Trudeau photo –; Dr. Jekyll & Hyde poster –; collage courtesy of Steve Brown] On July 8, the Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau announced that it would send 38 General Dynamics-made armored vehicles to Ukraine as part of $500 million in military aid allotted to Ukraine that had been attached […]

Time to Acknowledge Hateful Leader of “anti-hate” Group

What do you call an “antiracist” group led by an open ethnic/religious supremacist? Last year Israeli human rights group B’tselem published “A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid.” The landmark report provides mainstream Jewish Israeli endorsement of what’s long been clear to Palestinians and the internationalist […]

Government Censorship Rebrands with “Disinformation” Campaign

Last week the Social Media Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Management released a report titled “The reach of Russian propaganda and disinformation in Canada”. According to lead author Anatoliy Gruzd, “the research provides evidence that the Kremlin’s disinformation is reaching more Canadians than one would expect. Left unchallenged, state-sponsored information operations can stoke […]

Government-Funded CBC Smears Me. Interview With Maverick Media: “CBC Fake News: Hit Piece Targets Journalists (Eva Bartlett)”

Rick Walker had me back on his show (listen to our previous conversation about Ukraine’s kill list), this time to discuss CBC’s deceitful, unprofessional, lie-based, smear piece on me. In the interview, I note how disingenuous the entire piece is, from moment of emailing me to request an interview (no thanks, not interested! I know… Read More Government-Funded CBC Smears Me.

Zelensky thinks he can boss the whole Western world [Video]

Some interesting headlines showed up in my Yandex news feed this morning. This is the news, run through Google Translate, so the translation may read in a rather amusing manner: Zelensky considers Canada’s decision on a turbine for Gazprom a dangerous concession Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called Canada’s decision to return a repaired turbine for […]