Poverty Division Democratic Destruction: The Johnson Legacy

It’s a tad over three hundred years since Britain had what is generally regarded as its first Prime Minister. Since 1721 and Robert Walpole, 76 have held the highest public office, some good, some indifferent, many rubbish, but none as appalling as the current resident of 10 Downing Street. The soon-to-be-ousted Boris “there were no […]

Leaked emails expose UK Home Secretary Priti Patel’s connection to MI6-style ‘research and influence operation’

A deeply anti-democratic MI6-linked cabal’s apparent influence on Priti Patel raises serious questions about her fitness to rule on Julian Assange’s extradition to the US. Cabal now managing MI6-inspired “research and influence operation”  Effort may be funded by intelligence agency actors British Home Secretary implicated in plot Green advocates and perceived Chinese agents targeted Home Office infiltrated by cabal’s civil service mole Cabal seeks to seize power over energy policy and “displace” government minister British Home Secretary Priti Patel is […]

The Secret U.S.-&-UK War Against Europe

Eric Zuesse The secret U.S.-and-UK war against Europe is well documented but little known, and some conceptual and historical background is pre-requisite in order to understand that documentation. Historically, nations which share the same currency don’t go to war against one-another unless one of them is a colony of the other and is (like America’s […]

Are All Britain’s Current Woes Traceable to a Group of Entitled ‘Tory Toffs’ at Oxford in the 1980s?

Simon Kuper's book about how a small group of 'Tory Toffs' who were at Oxford in the 1980s masterminded the Brexit project to reclaim their aristocratic birthright is highly entertaining, but not convincing.
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Operation Surprise: leaked emails expose secret intelligence coup to install Boris Johnson

Leaked emails reviewed by The Grayzone reveal possibly criminal plot by pro-Leave elites to sabotage Theresa May’s Brexit deal, infiltrate government, spy on campaign groups, and replace May with Boris Johnson. Intelligence cabal infiltrated UK civil service thanks to “centrally placed mole” Ex-MI6 chief Richard Dearlove pitched espionage operations targeting civil service and campaign groups Fake Democratic Party fronts run by CIA veterans were proposed to infiltrate pro-Remain groups Cabal sought to spy on and disrupt Prime Minister’s top Brexit […]