DEBATE!: Energies, Universalism, Protestantism & Justification – Jay Dyer

0:01 Best part 7:26 Introduction 22:00 Universalism, David Bentley hart 1:08:17 Analytic-synthetic distinction, empiricist dogmas 1:22:34 Monarchism vs Democracy 1:32:20 Schism, evangelism, apostolic succession. evidentialism. 1:57:00 Protestantism and the creation of the modern west 2:05:40 Roman Catholic inquirer 2:10:30 Created vs uncreated energies 3:06:50 Rachel Wilson, occult femenism 3:10:50 Orthodox prayer for the departed 3:21:30 […]

Fr Whiteford & Others Discuss Patristic Faith, Internet Orthodoxy, Technocracy & Gamma-Gatekeepers

 Join us as some of Patristic Faith’s Senior Contributors (Jay Dyer, COTEL, Brother Augustine, the Norwegian Nous, and others) come together to discuss Internet Orthodoxy, Technocracy, its Gamma-Gatekeepers, and the importance of having an apologetic ministry like Patristic Faith. You can find our Patristic Faith website here:     Remember to boost that […]

Bitcoin, The Divine Mind, The Bible & Economics, TAG – Open Forum Q n A & Debate – Jay Dyer

Today I want to discuss the biblical concept of money and sound currency, as well as principles behind the fallen “world system,” avoiding gnosticism, the Ascension, philosophy of symbols and more, as well as the Trinity, Neoplatonism, the noetic realm and TAG. We will take open forum challenges and debates today and see what objections […]

Atheism Factory: Pope, Preacher & the Circus’ Collapse into the Post-Human + Open Debate & Q n A

 Why is the Western world (and now most of the world), in terms of religions, a giant atheism factory? What are the events and ideologies that led to such a drastic alteration in human living where religion has not died, but been replaced by a new religion of techne? Many factors could be listed, […]

Matt Dillahunty Vs Trent Horn Debate Review & Reaction – Jay Dyer

 In preparation and celebration of our upcoming debate tomorrow night with Trent Horn, I will be reviewing and analyzing his debate with Matt Dillahunty on the question of the resurrection. Although this debate is not directly relevant to our debate tomorrow, it is tangentially related to Trent’s apologetic methodology. Although I have not seen […]

Objective Dogma, Refuting Atheists & Orthodox Epistemology

“While most of us are spending time on Netflix.. he is in his books, sharpening his mind… edifying Christians throughout the world.  All for the veneration and glorification of our Triune God on the public stage.” 00:00:00 Introduction 00:05:00 Epistomological mistakes of the empiricists atheists 00:08:50 Bad argumentations and fallacies from atheists 00:17:52 Trancendental argument […]

Theistic Fallacies & Natural Theology Refuted – Fr Dcn Dr Ananias & Jay Dyer (Half)

 Fr Dcn Dr Ananias joins me to discuss a paper critiquing natural theology and it’s assumptions as we tackle the argumentation from the Orthodox view and elucidate the transcendental argument for God. The Dr. Gereby paper is here. We will be live at 8PM CST. The full talk will be available for subscribers below.      […]

The Monarchy of the Father / Trinity Doctrine – Al Fadi / CIRA with Jay Dyer

 Join Al Fadi and Jay Dyer as they discuss the doctrine of The Monarchy of the Father in relation to Scripture and the church fathers of the first few centuries.       Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books […]