MET GALA & The Dark Arts: Post-Modernism & The Self-Destruct Button

This goofy thing comes around every year and people always ask about it and discuss the “fashion.” Today we will cover the meaning of this “event” and the high profile fashion world’s longtime connection to the dark arts. In fact, the celebration of modern art and its obsession with abstraction, the ugly, the irrational and […]

Jay Dyer Show #1 – New For 2022 – Daily Livestream Show: News, Movies, Books. Philosophy & More

 We are trying a new model this year: a daily satirical livestream show at 7PM CST weeknights, as well as the weekly long-form lectures. Nothing will change for the site, aside from more content, while edgier part 2 content will be available at my site and over at Rokfin. We will also do more […]

Decent December: Wholesome Hollywood – Good Movies & Symbolic Quests

  Since we have covered many dark and devilish films, we decided to cover wholesome and positive films for December, as we complied a list of themes that include comedies, love, redemption, loss, healing and more. Some are Christian, while others are merely wholesome and others more serious, yet with a good overall conclusion.Live at […]

Philosophy of History, Geopolitics & Iconography Vs Renaissance Hermeticism: Open Forum Chat / Q n A

T0day we will have open forum Q n A and debate from opponents among Protestant, atheists, Muslims etc., as well as my take on a few issues and topics> The topics ended up being about Daniel and the philosophy of history, esoteric and hermetic elements in the Renaissance and in particular Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and […]

Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: Esoteric, Hermetic & Unorthodox Elements

 Nothing more American than a Sistine Chapel replica in a mall! This exhibit was worth seeing, however, due to the ability to stop and focus on the large to scale panels. We are able to deconstruct the esoteric and alchemical elements derived from the Renaissance era hermeticism obsessions. We see clearly an unorthodox theology […]

Jonathan Pageau: Iconography & The Reality of Symbols – Jay Dyer

It’s been a longtime coming: Iconographer, carver and YouTuber Jonathan Pageau joins me to discuss the importance of icon writing and their meaning. For Orthodoxy, icons are not merely religious art, but windows to heaven itself. The icon presents us with the archetypal reality, without diminishing the incarnational reality that Christ, our True Protoype, revealed […]

Secrets of the Renaissance: The Russian Connection & Symbolic Analysis – Fr Vladimir Kaydanov

 Fr. Vladimir Kaydanov joins me to cover the little known history that connects Byzantium, the Renaissance and Russia in a fascinating providential tale that needs to be told. Fr Vladimir’s focus is geometric analysis of Renaissance works, as well as the historical connection to fascinating planned cities like St. Petersburg, Russia. Fr Vladimir weaves […]

Art is Prophetic: Theopoetica – Jay Dyer / MichaeI Witc0ff

 MichaeI Witcoff rejoins me to discuss how new book covering Orthodox poetics. The book is called Theopoetica and features poems and commentary recalling St. Ephrem the Syrian. We will also touch on aesthetics and art in general.  His book is here. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos […]