MET GALA & The Dark Arts: Post-Modernism & The Self-Destruct Button

This goofy thing comes around every year and people always ask about it and discuss the “fashion.” Today we will cover the meaning of this “event” and the high profile fashion world’s longtime connection to the dark arts. In fact, the celebration of modern art and its obsession with abstraction, the ugly, the irrational and […]

Marina Abramovic Microsoft FAIL: The Meaning

This recent fail was seen be many as a bizarre connection of powerful people who would seemingly have nothing in common. However, viewers and readers of my work would know this isn’t the case. In fact, not only are the “arts” themselves tools of the so called elite, but the “arts” can even be means of imposing one’s will upon the world like a shaman or magus in their workings. In this video I cover this worldview and recall a recent incident that shows what Marina’s mindset is.

Apologetics Class 2: Big Discord AMA: Philosophy, Eschatology & More – Jay Dyer

In the second Apologetics class, I am uploading today’s Discord AMA on the popular Politics discord, which has hosted Stefan Molyneux, Destiny and others for in-depth AMAs. Here, the focus ends up on philosophy and theology, covering ethics, transcendental arguments, my past debates, Roman Catholic issues, Orthodoxy, and eschatology. You can join their large debate forum here.