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The Symbolism of Nicolas Cage Classics: Adaptation & Lord of War – Jay Dyer 90k Party Stream

We are almost at 90k – and we’re almost at 100k! It took forever, but finally we are almost there. I am not sure what we’ll do for the 100k – it may be a rifftrax style riff on ROTOR, we will see. For 90k why not do another round of Nic Cage we haven’t […]
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You Will Go CRAZY Watching These Weird Movies! Phantoms, Highway to Hell & More – Jay Dyer

Jamie joins me to cover 4 B, or almost B, movies that we recently struggled with. Three of the four were actually enjoyable (from my perspective), and one was unbearable (yet bizarre!). All 4 make for an enjoyable evening of golden garbage cinema magic, all blended into a tasteful garbage juice smoothie. We will analyze […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home & Matrix Resurrection Analyses: Meta – Multi Everything

 Metamulti propaganda is now the rage! As we covered in 2018 -2019, the simulation theory is aligning with the met averse who is making out with the other bff, multiverse theory. Multi meta everything is prepping us for the acceptance of new notions of what “reality” is, leading to the actual matrix pod. I’ve […]

Blade Runner 2049, Dredd, Equilibrium, Children of Men & More: Dystopia Now Ep. 4 (Half)

 Tonight we return to the next installment of the dystopia series. Since it’s Thanksgiving, viewing the dystopian warning should make us all the more thankful to God for what we have and what can be lost. We will cover Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max Fury Road, Minority Report, Equilibrium, Surrogates, Dredd, Children of Men […]

Metaverse, Simulation Theory, Virtual Worlds & Other Dimensions? Jay Dyer (Half)

 This evening I will cover the metaphysics of virtual worlds, the rising metaverse and the popular, connected notion of simulation theory as well as their connections to surrealism. How “real” are the elements and entities of the virtual world? Conceptual entities? Are things “real” in different ways? What about the connection to mystical experiences […]

La Femme Nikita, Empty Man & Hardware – Jay Dyer & PsyOP Cinema

 Tonight my friends from PsyOp Cinema join me on my channel to cover a few odd selections I wanted their takes on. Recently I joined them on their podcast linked below to review the odd Jungian surrealist film, Come True. Here we will dive into Besson’s La Femme Nikita, the recent Empty Man, and […]
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The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, 1408, Gerald’s Game & The WORST Stephen Kings (Half)

 The Shining, Doctor Sleep, IT, Christine, Tommyknockers, Sometimes They Come Back….Again – we will be covering a couple really bad Stephen Kings and a few really good Stephen Kings. This will be a fun one as we analyze the dark, esoteric sides of these films and stories, as well as the absurd and the […]

WEIRD B Horror Movies! The Brood, Spellbinder, 18th Angel & Parents!

Continuing Spooktober, we dug out some gems related to Halloween: a choice selection of Cronenberg’s The Brood, a rare Rachel Leigh Cook premier in 18th Angel, Spellbinder (a B version of Eyes Wide Shut), and a Jamie classic, Parents starring Mr. Quaid about eating people. These are gems in the cavernous abyss of bad horror […]

The Coming Catastrophic Event, Breakaway Civilizations & the PsyOP of The End – Jay Dyer (Half)

 From Alternative 3 to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged to Noah and Genesis, the notion of a reset or a restart to civilization is a recurring literary and religious theme. In similar fashion, the notion of the end times – of an era, an aeon, a civilization or the world, is a powerful tool of […]

Jay Dyer on Occult Ideology, our MKUltra Culture, the Film Come True (2020) – PsyOp Cinema

We talk with Jay Dyer, with discussion topics including the many elements of our culture that stem from MKUltra, the occult ideology of apotheosis, who exactly we mean when we refer to “the elites,” and the dream-themed 2020 horror film Come True. https://www.patreon.com/PsyopCinema https://twitter.com/CinemaPsyop Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives […]