Winston Churchill; protests in Iran and "Justifying the Ways of God"

Justifying the Ways of GodBy Michael HoffmanLast week we solicited end-of-the-year donations and thanks to the response of kind benefactors we can now say we have received help from 2% of the readership, rather than the 1% we cited previously.2% support is something of a joke, but we’ve been on a shoestring budget for so long we are are hardened to it, and this On the Contrary blog, thanks to the handful of generous readers who answered our call for assistance, can now resume for the next several weeks. Winston ChurchillPeople have asked us to refute the new movie starring Gary Oldman, about “Saint” Winston Churchill, the man of iniquity who targeted the civilian center of every major German city for merciless fire-bombing. This holocaust of some 600,000 souls is not an issue for Hollywood. The dead were of the wrong religion and nationality. Holocaust denial is permissible with regard to them.As most of you know the inmates are in charge of the asylum and as long as a mass-murdering barbarian like Churchill, who destroyed the magnificent citadels of western civilization in Germany, is a standard of moral excellence for Conservatives wishing to uphold that civilization, there will be no clear historical vision and the current insanity will prevail. Double-minded people are unstable in all their ways.The Protests in IranMeanwhile, the “bad guys” in Iran are the subject of more than the usual moral posturing of late, on the part of President Trump and the establishment media.They want us to forget that in 2011 monarchial Saudi Arabia assisted the minority-ruled monarchial regime in Bahrain in crushing widespread popular democracy protests by the Shia majority. The Saudis sent in troops and tanks. It seems that was o.k. because the Saudis are Israeli allies and the US has a military base in Bahrain.The double standard toward protests in Iran and those in Bahrain undercuts the credibility of those who claim to seek to crusade to free Iranians, who by the way do indeed vote in elections, however flawed — while shrugging their shoulders over on-going oppression by the two dynasties that tyrannize Saudi Arabians and the majority in Bahrain.The whole issue is tainted by U.S. and Israeli “security interests.” If there was genuine support for democracy in the Middle East there would be enormous pressure on the gulf states calling for free elections and an end to rule by two despotic families. Instead, the focus is on “the evil Iranian regime.” The corrosive hypocrisy is missed in the U.S., but not in the Mideast. Justifying the Ways of GodAs 2018 dawns I look upon the next 364 days with hope that something will change drastically in our symptom-obsessed thinking. John Milton, in the opening lines of Paradise Lost, wrote of “justifying the ways of God to man.” Toward that end I hasten to remind our people that the root of all evil is the love of money. The root of the love of money is the renting of it. If you permit the renting of money — if there is no ethical sanction against it — if it isn’t regarded as a shameful practice worse than abortion and sodomy, then you will most certainly be tyrannized by the Money Power. In endeavoring to justify the ways of God to man, it is necessary to state this truth. Despair and defeatism are tools of The Adversary, yet we open ourselves to those evils when we depart from the ways of God, which are often alien to our corrupt human nature.The true Church always taught that renting money was worse than murder because it is the root of murder. Abortion is a highly profitable industry. Bans on sodomy invite unprofitable boycotts of states where legislatures might enact it. Yet we focus our most intense revulsion on abortionists and practicing homosexuals — on symptoms rather than the source. Do we believe the Word of God? I wonder how many of us truly do. The love of money is the root of all evil. Is that so difficult to fathom? Is there any force in business, industry, agriculture or the arts and sciences that can compete with compound interest for generating money, or withstand its influence? The Internet is a fine tool but it has its downside, and of these one is distraction. People’s minds are not as focused as in the days before the Internet and they flit from “solution to solution” and from leader to leader like honeybees traveling from flower to flower. But unlike those busy bees, our people extract not honey, but confusion, which in turn sows discouragement. Living in north Idaho we witness a large population of Conservatives devoted first and foremost to their personal survival. But he who would save his life will lose it (Luke 9:24). The talented among our own who have dropped out of the combat are too numerous to count. Wayne Gretzky, arguably among the best hockey players in history, famously stated, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Many of our people have fled the ice and are not taking their shots. Why then do we feel superior to Israelis, rabbis, transgender activists, the illegal immigrant lobby and Hillary Clinton supporters? They are not hiding off the grid in mountain redoubts. They are engaged in campaigns. They have faith and hope and resolve. They fight weekly, even daily. Decades ago their views were despised and in the minority. Today they rule us. God has a plan for our victory. His ways are not our ways, but until we do a better job of getting behind those men and women with the vision to articulate His ways, 2018 will be much the same, or worse, than 2017. Our Truth Mission: Projects now Underway 1. Editing Daniel Krynicki’s revised and expanded edition of his book History of Money and Usury in America, for digital publication on the Amazon Kindle.2. Researching and writing Revisionist History newsletter no. 94.Book projects we intend to commence in 2018: “Against Conformity,” an anthology of this writer’s columns over the past two decades, and a new history, “Hanging Poor Whites,” do not, at present, have funding to proceed.We are hopeful we will obtain the necessary resources so these can see print. And remember that as much as funding is needed, publicity is also a prerequisite for our success. The silent treatment accorded our books, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, as well as Usury in Christendom, and our work in general, has been a significant challenge. Please encourage others to obtain, discuss and review our material.Veteran readers have seen your editor quote Edmund Rostand’s words from his play Cryanno de Bergerac before. They bear repeating at the start of 2018: “The enemy has us surrounded. We shall not let him escape!”Wishing you a holy, healthy and prosperous New Year,Michael Hoffmanand the staff of Independent History and Research