"Traditional Catholic" historians coverup truth

“In the case of Pico della Mirandola’s Judaic handler, Flavius Mithridates, protection and promotion was granted to Flavius by Pope Innocent VIII. With regard to Pico, he was exonerated of all imputations of heresy by Pope Alexander VI’s Brief of June 18, 1493. It is at this momentous historical juncture—which has proved invisible to the approved writers of the “classic Catholic histories,” and nearly three centuries before Rousseau and Kant—that a malevolent spirit was unleashed upon the Catholic world, emerging blatantly in the documents of the Second Vatican Council. No less than John-Paul II’s most revered cardinal-theologian bore witness to this astonishing fact in a book published in France, which was influential among the hierarchy, but otherwise languished in obscurity, neglected by those who insist there is no such phenomenon as a Renaissance occult papacy. The book was never translated into English by any enterprising researcher in all the annals of ‘conservative’ and’traditional' Catholic scholarship until we commissioned a translation of this key text for exposition in our new book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.” ___________